Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Should I Go Back to College?

I've been wondering if I should go back to College and get a BA degree. I have an AA degree in Humanities. Some of my completed classes, however, don't carry over. (Because I received my AA degree a long time ago.) So I have quite a few classes I would need to take...just to complete my GE (General Ed).

First, I thought my goal might be a teaching credential. In my current job, I work alongside teachers who make twice, if not three times as much as I do. But to get a credential, I would have to...beef up my GE by taking the following mandatory classes:

Pass 3 Algebra classes including College Algebra. (I'm Algebraic challenged)
Take biology, government, speech, critical thinking/rhetoric essays, and Psychology.
Okay...after my GE is done—I have to take all the other courses required for my major. After 3 or 4 years of doing that...then I have to get my credential and also pass the CBEST and any other teacher tests. Then I have to take CLAD.

Now I know it is always noble of a person to go back to college and complete it. And I know that I will not run into any acquaintances that will tell me to "forget it". OF COURSE it would be nice to complete my education. But do I really want to live like a recluse enslaved to homework, for the next eight years? Yes I know there are fast-tracks---but I have to work...and I don't do well under the pressure.

I would probably emerge from school somewhere in my 60's. Now that's okay...but I'm not sure if I would want to take over a classroom at that age.

After much prayer, thought and deliberation...I've decided to..... I DON'T KNOW!

I think I'll take one of the classes that I need to take...to get my feet wet....for personal enrichment. Then I'll just take things one day at a time. I also have an application in to work as an Administrative Assistant at a Christian College. If I get that...I may take it. Then all this will go by the way side. (However I hear that the FT permanent employees are eligible to take one free class a semester.) Hmm.

I have been seeking the Lord about all of this…but I can’t get a clear answer. It seems to be leaning toward—that he doesn’t want me to get all wrapped up in school. But I’m not sure. My head is as clear as mud.

If I went to school, I’d have less time for people. I’d have to push away people, phone calls, and even family…just for survival. It would be such a me-centered existence. And for what? Do I really want to take on a classroom of 33 students when its all over?

I do love to tutor, and work with small groups of students. I just wish I could make a better income doing this.

So…have any of you gone back to school, late in life…like at age 52?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of academia where those of us who dare to enter seek to inspire youngs minds unto great things! You know the stress can be difficult. It can be much bigger than you have already experienced. It will mean significant sacrifices. Yet, there are jewels in the rough that are worth it all. It will be worth it if that is where God wants you to be. Best advice... check your piggy bank (it's expensive to go to school for extended periods), and PRAY A LOT with a sober mind!

Sharon Lynne said...

Very good thoughts.

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Dolly Paolucci said...

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