Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm still in the current of Christmas happenings. We just said good-bye to our guests, my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and their 2 dogs. (Pictures to follow)

After church, this afternoon, Mozart and I are driving to Simi Valley to attend a "Listening Party" for the music that he recently recorded here.

I'm looking forward to my week off, but I have a feeling that next week will zoom by. I'll try to enjoy one hour at a time, and that should slow it down.

I hope you had a nice Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Today I took a picture of our street. (click to enlarge)

Today I noticed the beauty of a Poinsetta bush on the side of our house.

Today is the third day my oven is out of order and I sighed about the repair bill.

Today the Christmas tree has no decorations except the blinking lights my son talked me into buying.

Today, when I arrived home, three musicians hovered over a large soup pot in my kitchen.

Today I visited Snowball in the backyard.

Today I took Letty to the hair salon and she let me borrow her oven to bake banana bread.
Today I bought a pair of black suede boots for $18.99.
Today Mozart is recording 3 musicians and one is a cook and brought a pot of flavorful meatball soup for lunch.
Tonight, when no one was home, I locked myself out of the house.

Today I'm learning to trust the Lord when certain things are not in my control.
Today I prayed for my sons and husband.


My oven is out of order until next Tuesday...and it was my plan to bake a good portion of my presents this year. But as always...things work out. I borrowed my neighbor's oven, one afternoon to bake cookies. We haven't talked in awhile due to our busy lives, so this was a good thing. She has just become a grandmother for the first time! A couple of days later, I drove over to my friend, Sunny's house and used her oven to bake more cookies. I patted the big fuzzy dog, and talked to her husband about the book of Hebrews. Sunny showed me her latest bracelet creation. She needs to come up with a good name for it. The bracelet is based on God's promises in Isaiah. Each bead/charm symbolizes God's compassionate care for us. (The link above will take you to her current bracelets...the "promise" bracelet is still in the works.)

I've had some nice times in my friends' kitchens.

Have a good day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Days

My ginko tree looks better than this. I photographed it in 2007 and I need a new picture. Today the bright yellow leaves sparkled in the sunshine. When the wind blows it looks like a shower of gold. I'll be sad when all the leaves are off.

The rope on the top was wound there by my oldest son when he was eleven. He made a swing for me and wanted to make sure it didn't slip off. It still dangles into my garden. I call that little corner of my yard the "prayer garden". And many prayers are offered there for the boy who hung the swing.

* * * *

Not to change the subject, but I've been busy working on my presentation. At 8:30 a.m. on Monday I'll be standing in front of 5th and 6th grade students in the public school telling them about the celebrations of December. I'll start with Winter Solstice and the festivals surrounding it. Then move on to Hanukkah. The centerpiece will be the birth of Jesus Christ. Next I'll discuss Saint Nicholas and end with Kwanzaa.

Many of the children haven't heard the story of Jesus birth. That's amazing to me. One can present the story of Jesus, as long as its done objectively. So I'm doing it. I hope I'll be able to suppress my passion for that segment, but I doubt it.

I have to go and finish preparing...I'll be back soon!

Have a good week and enjoy your December days.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


(google images)

Arrived home from work at 12:30 p.m.

I'm outside putting up the Christmas lights.

Inside, a whole chicken simmers in a pot.

Chicken Enchiladas tonight.

Snow on the mountain tops.

Two articles are submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This and That

I really miss this. Here I am on a ride through the mountains with Mozart.

I don't think I've ridden in one year...maybe longer. I hope I can still do it! That is...keep up with Mozart. Then again...he hasn't been riding either. He's been composing.

Do you know he just reached his 500th composition? That was a goal of his. He said, "When I reach 500, we'll go out to dinner and celebrate." So last night we went out for Italian food.

"Does this mean you will have a little more free time now?" I asked.

"Not until I hit 1000."

Today is Sunday, and Mozart is working in another studio towards the beach, about an hour away. My youngest son is working today at the market, and my oldest son is somewhere...but not here. So I have the afternoon to do as I please. But I wanted to be productive so I made a list. I think I accomplished everything except "put up the Christmas lights".

Let's see...

I bought a baby gift and visited the neighbors who have a new grand-daughter.
Filed papers on my desk.
Read three chapters in the book of Hebrews. (I'm learning quite a bit...and may post about it later.)
Wrote my "Compassion" child in Mexico.
Made meatloaf.
Did 1.5 loads of laundry.
Prayed for people.
Put my bicycle in the back of Mozart's truck and took it to a new neighborhood. It's nice to have a change of scenery. I watched the sun shine sideways illuminating yellow and gold trees. Then the sun disappeared and I wrestled my bike back in the truck.

I stopped by the market on the way home to get some laundry soap and say hello to my young son, who was busy bagging groceries.

After cleaning up the kitchen and folding the last pair of jeans, I decided to enjoy my book. And just as I opened it, I realized I had forgotten the last item on the list.

"Post on your blog"

Have a good week!

Friday, November 20, 2009


"This is not a good spot for a picture. We'll be squinting." I said.

"It's fine," Letty said. "Just don't squint. Open your eyes real wide."

This is my lady friend who I help. We do shopping, errands, gardening and scrabble!

Today we went to the mall and strolled along the "promenade".

* * * * * * *

After a long Southern California summer, the leaves are finally starting to fall. The mornings and evenings are cooler, and a few days ago I noticed the constellation of Orion rising in the east. Mother nature is shifting positions and soon will be comfortably settled again.

There have been changes in our home too. Subtle changes. I can see a patch of blue sky. It's as if the hand of the Lord has peeled off a cloud layer. And life's road is no longer as steep. We're going through a section of level ground, and I'm noticing things along the way. Items I have time to stop and examine.

Like God's promises. I feel a growing desire to KNOW his promises. After going through the storm, I know how important it is to have scripture in your heart.

Another item I'm examining is called "believing prayer". I have often transferred my burdens to the Lord's shoulders through prayer. But then I take them back and still feel weighted down. Now, I try to remind myself, " PRAYED about that. God's got it in his hands."

These are just 2 examples of many new things that have come into my mind...on this new stretch of the road.

On the subject of writing, I just got an email today from Chicken Soup for the Soul. They need some more stories on the topic of "running" and the deadline is Nov. 29 the Sunday after Thanksgiving. My friend is a runner, so I gave her a call...and it looks like I'm going to try to write up a story. It will be a miracle if I get it done by Nov. 29th. (You'd be amazed at how long it takes me to write a post!)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for at our home.

(Maybe I'll be back at the blog before Thanksgiving.)

Letty is noticing interesting items in the kitchen store—along the promenade.
We sampled seasoned mashed potatoes and pumpkin muffins!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Because of Them...

Photo from War News Radio website
"Soldiers Resting"

I'm thankful for this day.
A day of rest in the middle of the week.
I have rest...because of the young men and women who protect our country.
I have peace, because they are standing in the gap.
I pray for strength, courage and that they will know God, and His Son.

I think of the families who have lost their sons and daughters, and pray for them. It must be hard for them at this time of year...Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I have a friend who is involved in a prayer ministry for Military Chaplains. They need our support, too.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hidden Places

On our last day on Kauai, Steve and Sheryl took us to...what the locals call...a secret beach.

We bumped down a dirt road for a few miles, and parked.

Then we hiked along a trail.

We found ourselves on top of grass covered cliffs.
"Surfers like to jump in from the cliffs," said Steve, so they don't have to fight their way through the waves.
I hope the dog doesn't fall off the cliff.
It was a hot hike.

Nobody was around...but there were signs of local fishermen.
Mozart is relaxing in a fish net hamock. (You should have seen him try to get out of it.)
A we were walking in.

The coral was sharp, and prevented us from going out very far.
Later in the day, 3 surfers appeared on the cliffs. See the surfboard sticking up? A surfer just jumped in, and his board hit the water like a knife bouncing.
Do you see the three surfers in the water? (above)
As we were hiking out. I stopped on the cliffs to take these pictures.

I wanted to stay here longer and watch them catch waves.
Those waves are much bigger than they look in the picture!

We had a great time! And in the evening Mozart and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and our last day on the island.

The kind man at the next table took our picture. Here it is. (a little blurry)

GOOD-BYE KAUAI!'s not a dirt bike, but it's fun. Mozart is doing tricks on Steve's moped Hey let me try that.
No shifting! Just turn the handle.

I wish I had one of these on the mainland.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


You've probably been wondering what happened to the Kauai posts.
Well...I am immersed in a good book.
I actually rarely read...because I'm always so busy running here and there and doing various chores. But oh how fun to be in a good book. I'm finally relaxing at night. (I'm not much of a TV watcher.)

I feel silly telling you what I'm reading. Mainly because you probably have read it years ago. It's the "Left Behind" series. Part of the allure of this experience is looking forward to curling up in the evening and reading until I drop.

Oh...actually I DO watch TV on Thursday and Sunday. My husband I watch 2 shows together. This is a big deal to me, because he is always so busy with his work and I love having this sort of "date" with him. We watch Extreme Home Makeover and Survivor. We get a kick out of some of the personalities on Survivor.

Mozart does like those "cop" and "lawyer" shows at times, but I'm usually doing something else.

I'll be back soon with my "Last Day on Kauai" post. We hiked into a hidden beach.

Some of my favorite photos will be in that post! (But first I have to finish the final chapters of "Tribulation Force!)

Mozart has just informed me "Survivor is on in two minutes."

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where the Road Disappears

I just checked the weather in Kauai today (October 29th) —its 83 degrees with rain. We didn't see much rain on our trip, but the day we drove to the North shore it sprinkled.

As we approached the our destination, the road narrowed, our car slushed through puddles and pot holes. We crossed a couple of one way bridges, then gradually came to a halt.

And there it was. The last beach accessible to humans. Beyond this point one would have to travel by boat, helicopter or a 15 miles foot trail through dense jungles and high precipices.

This map will show you where we were—where the road disappears. (top left)

Beyond this beach are the spectacular cliffs of the Na Pali Coast (pali means cliffs). Jurassic park was filmed here and so was King Kong. It doesn't take much imagination to feel you have stepped back in time to the dawn of civilization.

Ten years ago, when Mozart and I were here with my parents, we sailed along the cliffs in a boat. But today, Mozart and I simply enjoyed the beach.
(for more pictures of the Na Pali Coast click here.)

and the snorkeling.
I'm mesmorized by a bright blue and green Parrot Fish.

After snorkeling, a picnic lunch, and trying to photograph a hen with her chicks
I talked Mozart into something he would never do at home.

I talked him into hiking into the dense jungle and along the forbidden cliffs (just a little ways please) so we could take some pictures.

The trail was quite rocky.
"C'mon Mozart."

Just a little further.

To some great views.

Choose one to click on...and you'll feel like you're there.

Take a moment to look at the beautiful pictures of the Na Pali Coast and enjoy the handiwork of our Creator.

The next post will be about our last day on the island...spent with our Kauai a secret beach.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On top of the Red Lava

The road carried us through the old sugar cane fields and into the rugged mountains toward Waimea Canyon. As we drove through a clump of trees, we heard a noise that seemed out of place. We slowed the car and listened. Did you see that?

Through the trees we could see a dirt biker streaking in wild abandon across the red soil Kauai-style (no helmet) in his slippers.

We drove a little further...and sure enough...
Things were making sense now.

A lot of sense.

We parked the car and headed through the trees.

Well this was not quite what we expected, but it looked like it might be worth a spin. Too bad we didn't have our bikes.

We finally arrived at Waimea Canyon, but we were unaware of what lay ahead...or should I say below. We stepped out of the car into the cool air. We followed the pathway to the sign (below) then headed up a few rocky steps which opened out to a "balcony" on the top. We walked to the edge and looked over.

There are no words or pictures to describe the beauty. It took our breath away. The vivid colors and untouched landscape—not to mention the immensity of the canyon—made me think of heaven itself.
There is a high risk of these canyons being stuffed with clouds, much to the disappointment of those who make the drive. But today, at this hour, the clouds floated above the canyons and parted slightly allowing sunlight to spill here and there.

To the upper right of the picture (above) you can see people standing on the "balcony" of the lookout.

This canyon, and its red lava beds is 12 miles long. It is said to have been caused by a large earthquake that sent existing streams flowing into a single river, which then carved the canyon. Mark Twain called it, "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific."

At the lookout I remember the people around me stood quietly, as if stunned. When they did talk, it was in a whisper. There was a feeling of reverence for this beautiful creation.

Coming up....The day we traveled to the North Shore (to snorkel) and found ourselves lured onto a treacherous trail.