Monday, July 30, 2007

9000 Feet

My 16-year-old son and I are going camping. See you in a week!

We're still recouperating form the post below "Devil's Hole". The bike my brother rode is in the shop. And we're all a little stiff. (out of shape!) My brother is still talking about it. He said he's just beginning to resume the use of his arms... Now he can gesture when he tells the story.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Devil's Hole

We survived! And so did my brother. It was his first time riding!

Handsome husband (HH), who is familiar with this area , said he would keep things easy.

So we started off on a simple dirt road that winded up the mountain. Pretty soon we turned to avoid some rocks in the road. Soon after that we were vibrating over bunches of rocks and bumping over hungry pot holes.

HH said, "I don't remember the road being this torn up."

My brother made it through. Here we are (above) on the smooth part.

Then we came to the singletrack. Oh that is fun! It's narrower than a rode and you feel like you're hiking on a bike. We threaded through the shady pines. My brother (R) did great.


Ooops. Missed that turn!

He picked up his bike but his wheels sunk in heavy sand.

C., my oldest son, came back looking for us. He and my brother lifted the back wheel and pointed the bike toward the trail. Then C. jumped on, started the bike and my brother pushed.

They were suddenly engulfed in a cloud of dirt!

But they managed to work the bike back up to the trail.

HH and C. wait for Sharon and R. to ride up the hill.

Unfortunately, a fire passed through here.

We finally made it to Devil's Hole!

My brother is checking out his battle scars.

The guys discover that R has been riding with a rear shock blown out!

R is given another bike.

Devil's Hole (near Lake Arrowhead)

We climbed up on some rocks and ate salami and cheese sandwiches.

Due to lack of rain, the "hole" looked more like a pond. It was only about 3 feet deep and green moss floated around the edges.

We found a clean spot in the water and got our Jersey's wet.

I didn't get muddy on the way back! (see previous post)

My son, C., is hard to keep on the ground.


HH talked me into trying the WR250F. I took it on a short ride.

The bikes rest peacefully.

We had a great day!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Blogging Question

This may sound like a silly question, but I want to participate in a blog carnival and I want to enter my "Bodie" post. How do I give the post an address--a url--so people can find it?

Oh! Maybe I could just re-post it--so it goes to the top---and then give them my blog address. Is that how it's done?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Back in the Saddle

We're gearing up to go riding next Tuesday. I'm taking a day off work.

It's been many months since we've roared through the deserts and mountains. Here is a picture of one of the areas we will ride through.

My husband, his friend, and our eldest son(!) are going. (and myself) The trip plans started out with just a simple and easy ride. (Our friend is new at this.) But somehow the plans have grown into a 60 mile ride, beginning in the desert, then climbing up the sunny side of the mountains. At the climax of the ride we will be near Lake Arrowhead. Unfortunately we won't beable to see the lake because it is higher than the trail, and it is surrounded by private homes.

At first, I thought I'll just let the guys go. But my husband and friend really want me to go. I only have reservations because it's been so warm here. There's nothing like riding through a hot desert in thick clothing and boots. We will eventually climb up into the mountains, but the area is still very hot. And since it hasn't rained in months, the roads and trails will be extra dusty, with loose dirt. But on the bright side, my husband said we're going to stop by "devils hole" a small body of water. He suggested I bring something I can get wet in. But I think it will be too much trouble to change clothing.

"I'll get my moto clothes wet. That'll keep me cool!" I told my husband.

"Okay, but you'll be covered with mud as soon as we start riding again."

I think he's referring to the fact I often ride in back of the group and get covered with clouds of dirt. What's the difference...mud...dirt. I'm definitely getting my Jersey wet.

Most of the time I'm in the back because I get distracted looking at the scenery. The guys just look straight ahead. If I'm falling behind, they often move me up in the line. Then I can't stop or I'll get rear ended! I can ride fast when I have to!

...and those men keep their eyes on the road—ready to tackle the next obstacle!

Boys will be boys!

My husband.

Stop back later next week for a post about the ride!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer School

I've been helping in a World History class at the public high school. I spend my mornings with 15 Special Ed students. I've really enjoyed studying history with these kids and helping them with their assignments.

Today we re-lived World War I, and then, we watched Russia fall into a revolution.

One must always be ready for the unexpected. One student asked me what the difference was between a Democrat and a Republican. After a few moments of silence (I'm thinking...what does this have to do with Joseph Stalin?) I answered carefully. I didn't want to sway them toward one party or the other.

While explaining, another student blurted out, "What are YOU?"

"A Republican."

That seemed to satisfy them, and they went back to their assignment on defining Totalitarianism.

Speaking of history, the Dead Sea Scrolls are on display in San Diego, California through December 31st. I'm so excited about this. I wrote an article about it for "Associated Content". If you'd like to look at it click here.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dad's Giraffe

Here are the giraffe pictures I promised regarding my previous post. As you can see, Mrs. Giraffe isn't finished yet.

I didn't cut off the head in the picture. Dad has the top part off temporarily.

I taught my dad and mom how to comment on my blog today. So they've made a guest appearance on the comment section of my previous post "DAD". Mom commented that my dad is wondering what to use for the tuft on the end of the tail. She is asking..."any suggestions?"

However, they're not regular "blog readers". I think they're too busy running around being retired. So sometimes I email them with a link to by blog...saying CLICK HERE.

We had a nice day. Mom, Dylan and I went for a bike ride. Later, I talked handsome husband into going for a bike ride with me. We winded down the hill on a dirt road and biked along the bay. It was fun to have my husband, (who rides a dirt bike) on a REAL bike. After riding around a bit, we headed back up the hill. I've never seen my husband sweat so much.

We went to my parents church. They have a Saturday night service. We enjoyed the music. A great rock and roll style band including a cello and an accordian!

After church we returned to my parents home and barbecued steaks. I brought a peach cobbler for our dinner. I made it from the peaches on our tree. Dad liked it alot.

I wish our eldest son had been there but things are very difficult right now.
It was a great day, but my heart was heavy every time I thought about my son. We are in a difficult time, and I fear it may last for many years.

I'm so grateful for the blessings God has given me. We all have our burdens and tough things we must bear. But there are always good things in our lives too! I'm so thankful for God's blessings.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Shield of Faith

Just a quick hello. Lot's going on around here. Trouble with the eldest. Other stuff going on too. But I have been spending more time in the scriptures, and I was surprised that I felt strong today. I used my "shield of faith". I kept it up all day, and it made a big difference.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

We're having a barbecue over here so I'm busy cleaning house. I do wish it would cool down outside. It's 95 degrees and its 5:15 p.m. My vegetable garden is sagging. Oh husband just walked in with...what? $90.00 of fireworks? Sigh. It's hard to watch money burn up. This happens every year, whether we have the money or we don't. My 3 men LOVE fireworks!

Our guests are bringing fireworks too. I might as well settle in and enjoy the show!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July. I am truly thankful for the freedoms we have in this country!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

This quote was written by Oswald Chambers in his book My Utmost for his Highest. (Oswald Chambers 1874-1917; the book, a Christian classic was published in 1935)

"All of God's revealed truths are sealed until they are opened to us through obedience. You will never open them through philosophy or thinking. But once you obey, a flash of light comes immediately . . . If you obey God in the first thing He shows you, then He instantly opens up the next truth to you. You could read volumes on the work of the Holy Spirit, when five minutes of total, uncompromising obedience would make things as clear as sunlight . . . Yet God will never reveal more truth about Himself to you, until you have obeyed what you know already."

This week I'm going to try this. I'm going to be more cognizant about obeying what I know is true.

For starters, I need to get off the computer, stop staying up so late, and go to bed. I will be more clear headed during the day—if I get more sleep.

See you during the week!