Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miss Maggie says...

What did Miss Maggie get into today?

The stamps!

Miss Maggie Mae is my puppy-niece and camping companion. See post about the trip!

Just for fun...Can you think of a caption?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Deep Valley

We just slid into a deep dark valley with our son. The three of us will be here awhile.

We will walk on this cold slippery path week after week.

Oh! Our son just lost his footing and tumbled deeper. He stands on another path below ours. We reach down...and he reaches up. Our fingers touch but we can't grip his hand. He cries out.

Then I saw the Shepherd quickly climb down to our son. He stood beside him. Turning his eyes to us he said, he must walk a deeper path. But I will not leave him or forsake him.

So we walk. We watch. We see our son. We see his pain.

The Shepherd gently uses his rod and his staff to guide the young one through the dark places. He quietly says, this is the way.

This is the way that leads to life.

This piece is dedicated to all the prodigals and parents who are journeying through the valley.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007


This morning the parrots* were swooping across the sky, squealing with delight, at 7:00 a.m. Good thing I was already awake. I reached over and shook my husband. "Hey! It's time to get up--it's Christmas!"

Today my husband is leaving for a well-deserved vacation. A short time later, my husband and I stood in the front yard waiting for his friend LT to arrive. The parrots continued to play. Several hung upside down on the power line as LT rounded the corner in his silver truck. Three motorcyles stood in the bed of the truck and trailing behind was LT's house on wheels.

Camping, motorcycling, and a little fishing all crammed into 4 days——a man's dream!

"Oh don't forget the CD's."

"I brought my laptop, and the helmet cam" (video camera that one can hook on a helmet)

"Oh...I accidently left the frozen hot dogs out last night. Do you have anymore?"

*Oh yes...the parrots. We have wild parrots in our skies. There are several stories of how they got here, but the main story is...In the 1940's someone brought two dozen or so parrots here in cages (not a cage...there is another word——can't think of it.) Somehow...during an earthquake...a fire...they got out. They've multiplied and now there are about 200 in our little city—and a few hundred more in nearby cities. They are the kings and queens of the sky, as even the crows will submit to them.

So I'm on my own for a few days...along with both my sons. Due to circumstances, I need to stick close to home this week. I wonder what the week will entail?

I want to be clean out closets or get the paperwork off my desk.

While writing this post---
I just got a phone call reminding me my neighbor, who is recouperating from surgery, is in the hospital and needs a visit. She's a sweet older lady. She's mentioned in one of my first posts. I have fun tossing oranges into her yard...(see post)

I will go and see her.

That's the most important thing for me to do!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Twenty Years of Motherhood

Today is my oldest son's 20th birthday!

Here he is many years ago, helping his brother hold a string of Trout caught at Sotcher Lake, near Devils Post Pile in the Sierra Nevadas.

After graduating high school in 2005, he decided to try working...rather then going to college. After some difficult experiences, he has now decided that he'd like to try school, and work PT. He has signed up (on his own) for a welding class (74 hours of lecture and 290 hours of lab) and an automotive class. He also has been looking for a job.

It would be so appreciated if you could keep him in your prayers regarding these new endeavors.

The ride of parenting has certainly been more of a white-knuckler than I anticipated. But as C learns and grows through his expereinces, I learn and grow also.

Today I'm secretly commemorating TWENTY years of MOTHERHOOD!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Miscellaneous Thoughts

I've been back for almost a week and I miss the mountains already!

It's hard to imagine that just over a week ago I was rowing out into Rock Creek Lake. I like looking at the shoreline from the water. A fresh vantage point. And it's quiet out there.

So what's going on around here? After church, my husband, and his friend L decided to go riding. Our oldest son, who is supposed to be looking for a job...said, "Can I go?????" So Dad took him too. This is the one thing that still connects father and son. When I hadn't heard from them at 9:00 p.m., I called and couldn't reach their cell phone. Were they lost? Did they lose daylight? Just got a call. Everyone is in one piece. They're on the road home.

My youngest son, age 16, played with his new PS3 today (game system). He bought it with his own money. He's been saving his money since he was about ten for something...but he didn't know what. We weren't too happy about the game system. as we've been trying to tone down the video games. Not all kids get addicted to games, but my sons will play them most of the day if they could get away with it. Therefore my husband and I have a strict time limit rule.

Since part of the family was gone today, I decided to do something I rarely do. Watch a movie. Let's see...what movie to get? One that the guys would NEVER want to see. I settled on "Miss Potter". A nice calm movie about the author of Peter Rabbit, which includes light romance. Perfect. It was so nice to settle back and not worry about anyone getting blasted, blown-up, or murdered.

The movie was not too exciting...but it was enjoyable. I loved the English countryside, the water color pictures of animals, the clothes, observing the manners and customs of the early 1900's. After the movie was over, I googled "Beatrix Potter" to read more about her. I purused some sketches she did as a child, found out she kept a journal written in a special code, and she raised sheep!

I am very interested in sheep. I'm working on a children's story about a flock of sheep. I'll tell you more about that soon!

Have a very good week!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Resting in the High Places

My youngest son and I joined my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in Little Lakes Valley for a camping adventure. Now don't pass that link by! Click on it...because I want you to see the awesome beauty of the area. (We hiked that trail.)

right to left
my son, me
Samuel (6 month old Huskie)
Miss Maggie Mae (6 month old Cairn Terrier)
my sister-in-law
my brother-in-law

Are we in Narnia?

Awesome beauty everywhere.

Rock Creek is just a few steps from our camp.

Can you see the trail?

When I first set foot on this trail my eyes misted over, as it reminded me of how "Much Afraid" walked with the Shepherd through the High Places in the book, Hinds Feet on High Places.

My son took up a new sport. Extreme Rock-Hopping. He found several creative routes of crossing the stream...putting his life in danger...(he only brought one pair of shoes!)

He coaxed me into taking one of his routes. I made it...but my heart was palpitating! I didn't like the pointed rock section.

"Just keep your momentem going, mom, and you'll be fine."

I prefer logs to rocks.

Dylan is walking Samuel. The two puppies were discovering the world outside their backyard, for the very first time.

Samuel (the Huskie) chased the sticks we tossed into the water. Maggie chased Samuel into the water! Suddenly the ground dropped off and she started swimming! She loved it!

Samuel's first step into the water.

Uncle K watches as Maggie and Samuel play at Heart Lake.


Bunk Beds.

Maggie and Samuel are crate trained. Each evening, at bedtime, they easily entered their crates and seemed happy for a rest after a long active day.

God's Christmas decorations.

Beautiful peaks.

Red Rock Canyon

Dylan, who loves to eat, took this picture. Tri-tip!

My siser-in-law with Samuel and Miss Maggie.

Thank you, M and K for a great trip!

Camping Picture Post Coming Soon!