Thursday, April 9, 2015

Conquering Fear--Bears, Pigs and Killer Bees

     This morning I said "good-bye" to Mozart who was busy at his keyboard composing.
    "I have a doctor appointment, I'll be back before lunch."

      Then I headed into town for the appointment. I was done at the doctor much quicker than I thought, so it seemed a good idea to do something fun before going back home to the daily grind of duties. After all—it's SPRING!

       So I took a quick  5 mile detour through a rocky pine forest to Granite Basin Lake, a small lake nestled in the foothills of Granite Mountain. Normally there are fishermen at this lake, but when I got there, no one was there. It was a little scary because I forgot my cell phone at home, and what if I met a bear? or a wild pig—(they have those here)—or what if I sprained my ankle and had to spend the night out here—Mozart would never know where I was and —have I ever told you I have a problem with anxiety?

Photo of Granite Basin Lake by Allen A
      I decided to shake off the worries and head down to the lake. But after two steps I heard something that made me freeze. Between me and the lake stood a grove of tall trees with tiny blooming flowers, and I could hear a choir of bees. Make that 100 choirs of bees. I stopped and surveyed the situation. There was no way to get to the lake without passing the trees. They probably would be much more attracted to the flowers, then me. But I was wearing a red blouse and I had heard that the color red causes bees to become more aggressive.

     I wondered if Prescott had killer bees.

     In an emergency, I could jump into the lake. But the thought didn't console me.

     Sigh. I had this lake all to myself, and I couldn't even enjoy it.

     So I stood there and tried to enjoy the lake at a distance. But it wasn't very fun.

     Then I wondered how many things in life I don't do because of fear.

     That thought made me mad. 


     So walked to the lake, talking to God, all the way down--telling him to keep me safe.

     The bees stayed on the blossoms and I didn't see any bears or hear snorting pigs. The only sound was the "quack" of a lone duck on the lake. My gaze was immediately drawn to Granite Mountain rising up behind the lake.  It was beautiful and I could see its rocky reflection in the glassy water. As I stood there, a strong breeze whipped through my hair and blew across the water making a pathway of ripples. Then it changed directions several times and ripples were going every which way.

     It reminded me about what Jesus said about God's Spirit. It's like the wind, " blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going." (John 3:8)
Photo of Granite Basin Lake by Allen A
     I stood for few minutes enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature and thanked God for this ruggedly beautiful place.

     A few minutes later I headed back to the truck, and was home in time for lunch. Mozart was still composing music.

     "How was the doctor appointment?"

     "Oh fine. Just fine."