Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yes, my blog has been quiet. I'm not sure why I don't feel like posting. I think life sometimes saps all the creativity out of me.

So I'll forget the creativity and just catch you up...real casual.

Our oldest son, C is still here at home. We haven't booted him out. Yet Mozart is usually close to it. He is looking for a job...or is supposed to be looking. But if he found one, he would not have any transportation except for a bus. But it can be done.
C is starting to work on his car. This will be good because it gives him something to do. However he won't be able to drive it when its finished due to reasons that are too long to explain here.

If you are inclined to pray for young people, please pray for the bottom line. That C will invite the Lord back into his life so God can help him climb out of the abyss he is in.

I had a nice time at a "tea" last weekend at my mom and dad's church. My mother and I drank peach tea out of china-flowered cups and enjoyed scones and finger sandwiches while listening to harp music. We wore our Sunny Shiny Things bracelets (created by my good friend Sunny)and felt quite pampered and elegant. Earlier in the day, my dad and I went on a long bike ride and ended up bumping down a dirt rode to an expansive bird preserve that is near their home. (My mom was out playing tennis.) And before that, my mom and I took a walk on the beach down to the tide pools.

The beach was almost deserted and a lone life guard stand stood beckoning on the sand. I glanced at the ladder and immediately knew it was too high for my 78 year old mom to climb. My mom noticed my glance.

"You want to go up that?"
"I'll do it another time, mom, when I'm by myself. I don't think you could get up that."
"Oh yes I can."
A minute later we were seated on the life guard stand. It was cool and breezy. We sat close together for warmth and leaned our backs against the wood. We talked about friends, God and life.

You are probably wondering where the pictures are. My camera is broken, and I didn't have my son's camera with me. (This is another reason it is not fun to post...I miss my camera!)

So life is hard and life is good. And the good moments seem even better when the bad moments have been bad.

Another good thing is that Mozart and I have discovered the Saturday evening service at our church. It's an smaller more intimate service than the giant church service on Sunday. Mozart never attends the giant church service on Sunday...but he likes this one. It's so nice to sit in church with him! And he and the pastor are getting together for coffee soon. That's another story.

I'll try to post more often. Yet I may have some silent days coming up again. There has been a potluck scheduled at my home on Sunday (have to clean house and cook)...and then next week I have to go through a medical procedure that will not be pleasant.

I'll be coming by your blogs soon!

Have a great rest of the week.

Monday, March 9, 2009

God's Gifts

My favorite place to walk is the Arboretum. Last Sunday I took a walk at the end of the day. I try to carve out some time on Sunday to do something fun. Many times, its simply working in the yard. Other times, it's talking a walk with a friend. But on this day, I could not find a companion, so I took God and my camera. Note: for some reason my "notes" around the pictures are split...with part of the note on the side of the my captions are broken up and don't make sense(sigh).

I thought of blogging friends. I wanted to show you how beautiful Southern California is at this time of year.

I know many of you live in beautiful places also.

On the north end is the Australian section. All the trees are natives from "down under".

Bright yellow and red Aloe Vera

Those Orange Aloe Vera plants (3 pictures above) are about 8 feet tall!

This One-hundred twenty-five acres of beautiful land lies in the center of city and suburban life.

I'm lucky to have such a beautiful place to come to. One day I brought an older woman friend, (Mrs. L) to the Arboretum. She can't walk very far, which posed a problem.

I really wanted to show her everything. I thought we could take the sight-seeing tram, a long skinny open air bus that departs every hour. But it was out being serviced. After additional inquiry...and using some of our female charm...a golf-cart type open air vehicle pulled up and a young man invited us on board.

Mrs. L and I received a free tour of the entire arboretum via the golf cart. And because the driver was young, we found our hair flying in every direction. He was very knowledgeable about the trees, plants, the history and geology of the land. He stopped many times to point out details. What a ride!

Home Life

Oldest son C has been surviving at home. So far so good.
When I got home from work today, Mozart called me over.
"I wanted to tell you something. Last night C and I laughed together over something on tv."

That was a gift.

I'm becoming increasingly aware (and looking for) the good things in a day. I take strength from them. Life is tough and challenging for most of us. But there is beauty, and there is encouragement if you look. God is there. And He will never leave us or forsake us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Greetings

You almost went on a beautiful walk with me through the Arboretum. What I mean is...I have just spent an hour putting up a post, only to lose it all. The first picture was of an 8 foot Aloe Vera plant. Well...check back and hopefully I'll get it up in a few days.

The Arboretum is place where I love to walk. The Aloe Vera garden is blooming, and I want to take you there. Spring comes early to Southern California, and there is a lot of color along the pathways.

I hope to be back soon with my pictures.

Things are going okay with my oldest son, today. One day at a time.

My youngest son just had his 18th birthday. I'll post a picture of that soon.

I cleared some weeds in my garden today. Oh so many weeds! Some of them are growing underneath our motorcycle trailer and there is no way I'm weeding underneath it. I typed into google "natural weed killer" and came up with a vinegar solution. (vinegar,salt,dishsoap). I sprayed it on the weeds. We'll see what happens.

Later today, I sat outside for a little while, in my chaise lounge and sun hat and read the Bible. I'm trying to stay in the Word. I was tempted to put the house in order instead, but I am learning I MUST stay in the Word if I want to be strong enough to walk the road I'm on.

I love the longer days. I'm so glad its staying light longer now!

Have a good week!