Thursday, September 25, 2008

Three Unexpected Events

One never knows what will happen from one day to the next.

The first unexpected event involves God surprising me at Back-to-School night.
I have been praying and wishing that my son had the type of boss that knew more about his struggles...and would give him a chance. Maybe a family friend could employ him, and be a mentor to him, as my son is beyond listening to our advice. But there is no one in our life like this.

Well...God works in the strangest places. I went to Back-to-School night for my younger son. As I walked into Science class, a husband and a wife waved at me. I looked closely and realized they were friends who I hadn't seen in years. They asked about my boys, and when I told them that my oldest son was studying welding at the junior college, the man showed immediate interest. "I always need welders," he said. I shared a tiny bit about Corey's situation, and it didn't seem to phase him. He really wanted to help. "Tell him to call me." He gave me his card. From what I remember about these friends, they are in the business of building movie sets. But that is not important...what that they have a faith in God.

So I brought the card home.

He didn't jump at it.

He glanced at the card for a second and said, "I want to apply at another place first."

I don't feel a need to argue with my son. I'll remind him from time to time and God will guide my son to this man, if it is His will. But I'm so encouraged!

The second unexpected event is that my husband has postponed my son's eviction from our home which was supposed to be on Sunday. My husband received an invitation from a friend to spend the weekend dirt biking. Mozart really needs to get out, as he's been buried under his composing for too long. He needs a break. The son doesn't know about the postponement yet. I'm delaying so he'll keep looking for a job. Yet Mozart postponed things because I certainly did not want to evict my son without my husband here.

The third unexpected event happened only a few hours ago. My husband rolled his motorcycle out of the shed and proceeded to get it ready to go riding. My oldest son and a friend were here. They watched Mozart ride the bike up and down the street. I started to feel a little happy to see Mozart and the young men together. This is the one interest that husband and son share...and it has been so long since the bikes have been out.

My son's friend, "Ax" asked if he could take a spin on the bike. My husband asked him if he had ridden before. "Yes." So Ax slid on a helmet and took off out of our driveway. He let the clutch out too fast and the bike wheelied. (Front tire up in the air.) It wheelied straight across the street and up our neighbor's driveway and crashed into their wood stairs leading up to a deck. The stairs and hand rail crumpled, the bike fell, and Ax fell against the stairs. Fortunately Ax is fine except for a ripped shirt, scrapes and bruised ribs. But the frame is bent on my husband's motorcycle. It cannot be fixed. "I guess I'm not going riding this weekend," said Mozart.

Here is Mozart doing a wheelie on his favorite bike.

Even though this is bad news, somehow I feel that God is in control, and somehow good will come out of this. So son and his friend have gone over to the neighbor and volunteered to help repair the damage. I also saw my son's compassion for his bruised friend. He waited on him hand and foot, bringing him ice, water, and he even made him dinner. He tried to console Ax feels pretty bad for wrecking the motorcycle. I also saw some compassion in my son for his father's situation. As he came into his father's office and volunteered to make him a new bike frame. (Using his welding skills.) This will not be possible, but Mozart said he appreciated my son's offer.

It turns out that Mozart will still go riding. He won't be on his favorite bike, but his riding buddy has an extra one. He is quite sad about his bike, as he has sunk a bit of money into it over the years to make it ride well. (He does have a spare bike...but it's doesn't ride like his favorite.)

Nonetheless, things are at a different angle in the household this evening. Father and son are speaking...the young men will be helping our neighbors, and I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend. (You know what I mean...when the husband is away, a wife can relax!)

Have a good weekend.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding."
Proverbs 3:5


Becky Wolfe said...

God really does work in mysterious ways doesn't he. too bad about the dirtbike - I know my DH would be very sad too - he just traded in two bikes to buy a new one so its very precious to him at the moment, fortunately, not near as precious as his son.

As for your son, God is working in him somehow & hopefully one of these events will bring about positive events for him.

In my thoughts often! HUGS

Dawn said...

It is so good to hear some good news (in the midst of not so good). I am encouraged for you!

Have a wonderful week-end!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Wow - God is certainly in control. What an intersting course of events! I am glad that your son is taking responsibility - what you have raised him to do! And I will pray about this job - it is incredible to see God at work! Thanks for posting this! (PS. I'm catching up and reading backwards for the last two posts!)