Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer is Here

Just checking in...I'm feeling to hot to blog. We've been trying to save money by not using the air conditioner.

My summer school job started today. I'm working with 4th through 6th grade students. Today we discussed trantulas. Tomorrow we read about black widows, and the next day we discuss snakes. (My word...I can't believe this curriculum.) But the kids seem interested. The boys especially. They are fascinated about how trantulas kill their prey. Uggg!

My youngest son is taking government/economics at the high school.
My oldest son is working 9 hours every day at the wheel repair shop.
My husband is mixing the music for an upcoming movie.

I'm trying to keep the yard this heat. (not to mention laundry, cooking, housework, errands, and today I had a wonderful time at the DMV trying to get a "green sticker" for my dirt bike.)

Gotta go. My son needs my computer for homework. (His computer broke.)

Have a nice summer evening. I'm stepping out to look at the Big Dipper tonight before I go to bed. I would love to move my bed outside. In the old days they DID move their beds outside in the summer!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bases are Covered

baseball bases

When our son moved back in my husband gave him two weeks to get a job or he would have to leave home, again. Since it usually takes our son months and months to get a job, I worried. But I felt I should support my husband. Deep down I knew he was right. (C. needs strong motivation to get a job.) My husband said he needed my support on this.

A few days before "kick-out day", I felt uncomfortable with our decision. Our son (C.) had no transportation except the bus and an old bike. I knew he would never make it.

I pictured him on the street...sleeping by the curb...lost...alone...and angry as hell. (sorry--but the word fits)

So I prayed about it and went and told my husband I felt uncomfortable about our decision. This caused a lot of stress between us. But my word! How can you expect a mother to kick out her own flesh and blood. I pictured him walking the street, with no friends—just the shoes on his feet. How would that help him...especially if the plan entailed him not coming back unless he had a job. Who would hire a unshowered, unshaved, homeless person for a job?

In the end, I told my husband I would support him. I knew I should. But I cringed inside. "Okay God." I'll do this. "You sure expect a lot out of me!"

So as I began to get my mind wrapped around the idea of ousting my son to the I worked on my my heart pounded while I did my I endured a few more terse words between husband and wife....

C. bounded in the kitchen door. "Mom! You've got to pray for me!"
I was speechless, as I haven't heard any spiritual words from my son in years.
"I might have a job! I just have to update my resume," he said sitting down at the computer. "How do you spell ______? Is the printer working? I have to hurry...I told him I'd be right back!"

"Do you want me to drive you back?"

"No. It's only a few blocks away. I can even WALK there."

After a few minutes he ran out the door. Later he came back and had the biggest smile on his face. I haven't seen him this happy in a long time.

"I got a job...and I start the day after tomorrow."
He walked up to his brother. "Give me a high five. I got a job!"

It's a place that repairs wheels. Apparently he was riding his bike home and decided on the spur of the moment to swing in and ask if they needed any welding done. The man said that he could use a little welding, but could C. do other things? One thing lead to the next...and he got the job.

As I look back, I see things clearly. I didn't need to worry--and go to my husband and try to change our plan. I didn't have to put my husband and I through so much stress. I didn't need to step out and try to manipulate events to protect my son. God had the bases covered.

And I suppose, that if C. was kicked out to the street---GOD WOULD HAVE THE BASES COVERED.

Often times, so many of us begin to fear...and try to manipulate events...but God has already been walking through our future events...and sorting them out ahead of us.

So, dear some some more...and keep remembering. God has your bases covered!

Please pray for C. as he has trouble keeping jobs longer than 2 months. He also is in debt and needs to earn money to get out of debt. But I must remember... God knows about all of this. He has the bases covered!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day with DAD

All pictures can be clicked on to enlarge.

With my dad at the Griffith Park Observatory

It's near the Hollywood sign. (You will notice California is experiencing a drought.)

The observatory was built on the top of a hill in 1935 and has been a beloved icon of Los Angeles. Admission is free...because Mr. Griffith wanted everyone to be able to glimpse into the heavens. (Dad, Mom and I standing in front.)

We're lining up to go into a 300 seat Planetarium theater. It was an awesome show. We learned about our universe and tracked the planets through the skies. That's Los Angeles in the background.

Hills flowing into the city of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is hazy today. (click to enlarge)

Who's car is this? The keys were left in it! Dad gave me a run down on how to drive a car like this...describing all the pedals.

We got to the zoo about an hour before closing. When we asked about the giraffes we were sent clear to the back of the zoo which was up a hill. We finally made it! I took 22 pictures of giraffes for my dad! Hooves, faces, tails...

This lion is sound asleep with his foot up in the air. There's another lion next to him if you look carefully.

Here are some giraffes. (My dad is building a very large giraffe in his garage).

That's a real giraffe there--looking at me.

We had a great day!

The reason I haven't posted for awhile is because I've been busy writing an article for Chicken Soup for the Soul. The deadline is tomorrow. They are collecting stories from the elementary school years. I've never been published in Chicken Soup...but if this story flies it will be $200. Tomorrow is my monthly writers critique I'll take the story for an edit.

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Are You Ready to Go?

Are you ready to go?

It's Father's day—one week early! My dad and I are going to the Griffith Park Observatory. Mom is coming too! We've been wanting to go for years. Then Dad wants to stop at the zoo so he can view the giraffes. (In relation to his latest project)

I'm bringing my camera.