Thursday, May 28, 2009

White on Rice

The High School had a "Battle of the Bands" contest and my younger son and his friends put together a band for the occasion.

Practices took place at our home. They weren't too noisy, at first. They seemed to have a lot of trouble deciding which songs to do. As the event drew nearer, things changed. I had to call the neighbor to the north and apologize for the noise.

On the night before...they were still at it at 10:56 p.m. I wanted to shut them down, but Mozart said..."Oh let them play." Thank goodness they quit at 11:00.

On the day of the big event, my youngest (call him "Y") temporarily misplaced his wallet. Since he cannot drive without a license, I had the honor of driving "Y" and his drums to school 2 hours before the performance.

On the way, I asked, "what time are you playing?"

"I don't know."

I think he was evading the question, because he wasn't thrilled about me coming.
I assured him that if I DID come, I would stand in the back in the shadows and call no attention to myself.

"We're number 9 out of 10 bands. Try coming about 7:30."

At 7:15, with my camera, I slipped into side door of the auditorium. It was pitch black except for the colored lights flickering behind band number 8 who was playing up a storm. I glanced around at the siloettes in the audience. I didn't see anyone over 19 years old except the judges who sat at a long table near the front. number 9---White on Rice--took the stage. As they began to play, the audience started singing along. I wanted to take a picture but didn't want to run up front and embarrass my son. I quickly looked around and saw 4 giggling girls in the back row.

"Would you take a picture of the band for me?"
"Oh sure." They all got up and threaded their way to the front.
"Be sure to get the drummer" I called...but I wasn't sure if they heard me through the pounding noise.

The first song ended. The guitarist switched his instrument for a cello and they proceeded to play a pounding instrumental entitled "Final Countdown".

After the last band played, everyone gathered on stage. The second place winner would be announced first. The MC shouted..."Second place winner is...."

"Band Number 8!" (He said their name, but I forgot it.)

I quickly glanced at my son's band...(number 9--White on Rice).
They stood quietly (they are a little shy), while other bands put their arms around one another and braced themselves for the big announcement.

"First place winner is........."

"White on Rice!!"


The boys, looking startled--yet smiling--gathered together as the MC approached them and asked,"How does it feel to be the first place winners of "Battle of the Bands."

They were speechless. Finally "Y" leaned forward and said "Spectacular!"

"There you have it...Spectacular!" shouted the MC.


The boys huddled to discuss which song to play, but it took them so long to decide...that the house lights finally went on...because the judges wanted to go home.

The girls returned my camera, and there were 2 great pictures of the band and low and behold, 4 pictures of the drummer.

Certainly life is full of surprises!


Eldest son update:

Eldest son has worked 2 days. The job is only 3 days long, but I am so thankful for this encouragement. More odd jobs may be coming.


Karen said...

Congratulations to your drummer boy! I know you are a proud clever to get the pictures the way you did!

Good news on C's wanderer is still searching...

Willow said...

Congratulations to White On Rice!

And congrats to both sons in their endeavors.

Susan Skitt said...

Love it - how exciting it must have been to see their band win! I felt like I was right there with you!

I know my heart always fills up with joy seeing my oldest play an instrument - trombone actually. God opened the door for a cool experience for him to travel to Germany last year to play.

I love music too, play piano and my hubby bass guitar. He was in a "band" in his highschool days too.

With your husband involved with music, it's no wonder your son is too. Who else plays in your family?

Dawn said...

Congratulations to Y and his group. I probably would have had a hard time listening, but it must have been a great moment for you! Love the pictures.