Saturday, June 20, 2009


It all started in Sunday School when Dan said, "I'm going hiking after church."

Someone else said, "Why don't we all go?"

"All" did not go...but six of us showed up. It was quite an adventure--hiking uphill steadily for 3 miles to Henninger Flats. On the way back, it was much easier, but walking down hill for one hour can do interesting things to your leg muscles. We hiked a total of 6 miles.

It was fun to do something together outside of the usual setting of church. We all had a wonderful time and got to know each other better. Mozart couldn't go, because he has bad knees.


My 18-year-old graduated high school 24 hours ago! (Picture is coming) Grandma and Grandpa drove up for the occasion. Grandpa had a run in with a police officer. More on that later!

This morning our oldest worked on cleaning up an oil slick under his parked car. (With paint thinner and kitty litter) His car has been parked in our driveway for a long time, and we hadn't noticed that the oil overflowed the shallow pan until it started seeping out to where we could see it. After that, he went somewhere, and now it is late at night...I'm hoping he'll be here for Father's Day.

I have good news. I have been hired to work summer school-5th and 6th grade. I'm going to be working with a teacher that I've never met before. My caregiving job will continue--3 afternoons per week. I'm thankful to be employed!

May you all have a good day honoring the Fathers in your life!


Willow said...

Hurray for the summer school job!

Please pray that I will be rehired for my job in the fall. New principal...and my position is 'rehired' every year.

Dawn said...

Congratulations to #2 son! And I'm glad the oil slick is gone - but wish #1 son was home. Hope he's there today for Dad.

I'm so happy to hear that you have Sunday school - so many churches don't any more and it breaks my heart. SS is one of my favorites things. DC wanted a change this summer from the class we've been in for over 30 years. I didn't want or need a change, but since the topic of the new course for the summer is "Cultivating Your Marriage," I thought it would look better if I attended with him ;-). I will be glad to get back to the regular class where we all know each other so well and share our praises and concerns.

I am happy for you that you have a summer job. I know that's a concern every year.

Karen said...

Enjoyed reading of your updates...sounds like you will have a busy summer!

Marg said...

I love your quick updates.
It keeps us well informed about your sons...
The hike, that must of felt so good to have accomplished that.
It looks like a fun group.