Monday, July 27, 2009

High Water Film Premiere

Mozart mixed the music for Dana Brown's latest film, High Water which premiered recently in Newport Beach.

Dana is the son of Bruce Brown who is well known for directing/writing the classic surf movie Endless Summer, and the classic dirt bike movie On Any Sunday. Mozart worked on Endless Summer II, along with Dust to Glory...and now, High Water. To see the movie trailer click on the blue title High Water above.

This event was quite unexpected. I had just returned home from my caregiving job when Mozart's phone rang. It was the composer of High Water. "Are you going to the premiere tonight?" It had slipped Mozart's mind. We had to get ready quickly and jumped on the freeway. The premiere was near my parents neighborhood, so we phoned my parents to see if they wanted to come. "Dress casual," we told them.

When we picked them up my dad was in his Hawaiian shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. I'm really glad we brought them, because of the Woodies. They were a pleasant surprise. My dad immediately got busy perusing the engines, hood ornaments and then struck up a conversation with a guy about his age, who was dressed just like him. They talked for so long, we were almost late getting into the movie.

Dad didn't realize it, but he was talking to Tom Morey, the inventor of the body board, also known as boogie board. Everyone has a boogie board in California, especially if you live near the beach. It's looks like a surf board cut in half. You lay on it...and surf on your stomach.

"What did you talk with him about?"I asked my dad.

"Oh we were talking about old Ford Engines and stuff."

I took this picture of Tom and my Dad. Tom is the guy in the funny hat. It had spiked fake hair sticking out of the top. My dad has the same hat at home.

The movie will be playing nationwide, but only in areas where it will draw an audience. Most likely, Florida, Hawaii, and other surfing areas.

After the movie, everyone stayed in the theater. They called Dana up to talk about how the film was made. Then they called his father Bruce Brown up to the front and he took the mike, and told some funny stories about his film-making past, as well as introduced us to some old time surfers in the audience.

It was a fun evening!

Click on the pictures for a life-sized look! Did you notice the rear-view mirror is the shape of a surfboard in the interior picture?


Karen said...

How neat and exciting! Sounds like a great evening...loved the pictures! My husband probably would have stayed with the Woodies the entire evening and just skipped the movie....

Willow said...

Very exciting! Since we saw Endless Summer, we'll be interested in High Water. It'll be fun to know that Mozart mixed the music...

Marg said...

Sounds like some good movies for me to see. I'm going to check our local video shops. And to know that Mozart was part of this.....
Is his real name Mozart???

Dawn said...

Only in southern California! Sounds exciting.

Marg said...

Thanks for sharing the info.

Because I only know one Mozart and I think he has to be a classical composer. Funny how names give off various perceptions.

I'll have fun viewing some of these.
Cheers. Marg