Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Burden and the Birds

Home has been busy with all kinds of dynamics relating to 19 and 22 year olds. There is much to pray for.

A surprise email from a friend Debby encouraged me. She asked if she could include my "poem" in a book she is compiling. What poem? It seems I had forgotten about the little piece. It was actually part of a blog post I wrote over a year ago. She emailed the piece to me, and it spoke to me. Maybe it will encourage you too.

(During a quiet time, I read the words of Jesus in Matthew 6.)

My Burden and the Birds

"Look at the birds of the air."
Okay, Lord, I'll go outside and look at the birds.

"They do not sow or reap."
"You're right, Lord. They just swoop down and pluck snacks out of the grass.

"They don't store anything away in barns."
They certainly don't seem to be worrying about the future.

"They don't need to. I take care of them one day at a time."
Are you saying you will take care of my needs, one day at a time, too?

"You are more valuable to me than a bird."
Thank you. Will you take care of my family's needs too?

"Yes, and you won't add a single hour to your life by being anxious."
I'll try to be more like the birds.


....I wish I could fly.

"Seek first the kingdom of God and you will fly, just like they do."
(Matthew 6:26-27:33)


The Gatekeeper said...

I can't even count how many people love this poem/prose. It has helped so many of my friends, offline and online ones. I'm honored to have this is our book.

Karen said...

This was so good...

Always praying for you and your family....

Dawn said...

Sharon - you say I'm a good writer and I appreciate that so much. I pretty much just "slap it together" as you said. I do read it over a do a bit of honing, but mostly it's what comes out of my "mouth" as I sit and type. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

But - you're the writer! I love this, and need it so much right now. Kev and Sema had such a wonderful week-end together in Maine. What a blessing. Kristen has herself in a messy situation right now I would appreciate your prayers - I'll e-mail you with details.

Will life ever get easier??

Glenda said...

Sharon, what a beautiful piece! Dawn directed me to your blog after she realized that you and I shared similar thoughts in our posts. You are so right: there are so many prayer needs. But aren't we glad that our Heavenly Father is not the least bit overwhelmed with our needs? Thanks for putting the Scriptures right into our everyday lives!

Marg said...

Life does not not always give us pat answers. The other day, when my grandson was not feeling well, I said, we could pray about it...and he responded...Jesus does not always answer all our prayers...."
Hmm...lot to think about...from a six year old...I'm thankful for a strong faith.