Friday, October 22, 2010

A Slow Blog

Yes I'm here via a slow blog. least you don't have to worry about getting behind on my blog posts.

My son took this picture with his cell phone. Diamond is not allowed in my bedroom, but she can be sneaky. She is 7 months old today and has brought many happy moments into our lives.

I lost my voice this week. I had a strange "cold" in my throat. I tried to continue teaching my students at school (very creatively) but it was a lot of work. So I finally called in sick yesterday.

Today I took my oldest son to the doctor, picked up medication, then...we took Diamond to the vet for a shot. After receiving her shot, she went crazy when she saw a young lab and jumped around wanting to play. One of the nurses suddenly said, "She's going to attack that other dog!" Diamond was just wagging her tail and being very enthusiastic. We had to leave, and my son was quite upset all the way home. His dog would NEVER attack anyone he said. I tend to agree with him, but we must be sensitive. Diamond looks muscular and is part Pit.

Regarding another matter, I now have help in the kitchen. I have always dreamed of having a cook. (Don't give me a maid...give me a cook!) It just takes so much time and the family is rarely excited about anything I make. A couple weeks ago, my oldest son gave me quite a critique on my cooking. After some sparing, I finally told him, "Why don't you cook tomorrow night."
"Okay," he said enthusiastically, "but you have to take me to the store to get some things. (He doesn't have a car.) About $120 dollars and 2 hours later, we had many new things in the kitchen including real butter, assorted cheeses and a block of real parmesan cheese for the fettucinne and Baby Back Barbecue sauce for the chicken. We had a fine dinner, except I suddenly was told to make the Fettuccine when the chicken caught fire on the barbecue. In all the craziness, the vegetables never got cooked. But that's okay, because the chicken was delicious and I learned how to make great Fettuccine. It was a hit.

Oh...and tonight I learned how to spell fettuccine.

I'll try to be over to visit your blogs soon.


Glenda said...

Cute pic!! Wish I had a cook - or that I really enjoyed cooking!

Hope your throat gets better soon! Have a great weekend!

Marg said...

There's seasons for everything...I could not blog...because of circumstances that I had to go through this summer. I did not have one creative photo or I decided to just leave it, slowly I'm finding joy in taking pictures again.Where did summer go?
Hope you keep him cooking..

Dawn said...

It's good that he's interested in cooking! What a surprise. I wish I enjoyed cooking as I used to. I would take a cook any day - as long as she/he did the shopping, too!

Thanks for coming over and catching up on the series. It was a really good time.

Cute picture of the dog - glad you are getting enjoyment from him.

Karen said...

Enjoyed these things you shared...and for the kind words on my blog...

Praying for you and your family during this season you are in right now....