Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Just thought I'd show you a few Thanksgiving photos. My mother, Mary, and Great-Aunt Elsie are having some girl-talk in the kitchen. Aunt-Elsie is 98. She brought a wonderful cranberry salad.
We enjoyed the sun on our shoulders. I wonder what C. is talking about with Aunt Mary? Diamond is having fun with her dog cousins Maggie and Samuel (Samuel is exploring our yard--not pictured here.)

Dog-guests Maggie and Samuel politely sit in their crates while we eat...and while Great Aunt Elsie is nearby.
My 22 pound turkey. It came out good! (a miracle)
Mozart is having a conversation with the dogs. Left to right...Maggie, Samuel, and Diamond. I think one of the dog's licked my camera lens. Please excuse the smudge. Do you notice the iron gate in the background? That's the new fence we built so Diamond can safely stay in the back yard. (She sure is inside alot!)

I haven't had a mother-son picture in about 6 years. And this is what I got. Oh's not very good. It had to be snapped fast before they ran away...or C. dropped the dog.
My youngest son's antics always lighten the mood. We watched him chase the dogs with a bag on his head.

I haven't been posting much and one of the reasons is my helpful husband updated my computer system and now I can't get to my pictures very easily. (What's a post without a picture?). I'll be by your blogs soon! Have a good day!


Susan Skitt said...

Oh how nice! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love that pic of your son with the bag- so funny - as a mom of boys, I know they can be characters, can't they? Have a blessed Christmas my dear blogging friend!

Dawn said...

Good to see a post and a catch-up - looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Love the pic of you and the boys, regardless.

Sorry about the computer updates - I hate it when that happens!