Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Being a mother of boys, I really appreciate visiting with my nieces (almost 17 and almost 20). They flew out from Colorado after Christmas, and spent some time with us.

We rode our bikes along the coast and stopped for a break to look for shells and feel the misty spray of the sea.

I love this picture of my dad with the girls. It was low tide and we could stand on tiny "islands" surrounded by the gently flowing water. The sky was a comforting blue after the long days of rain.

We took the bikes across the harbor on the ferry. As you can see, I'm the careful one with the helmet.

The girls stayed with my parents and everyone had a great time. (That's my dad's very tall giraffe in the stairwell over on the right. He built it from scratch. My mom still doesn't know what came over him.)

The girls are back in Colorado now, safe and sound. I received a text..."Clear, cold and snow on the ground."

Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Willow said...

What a fun time you had. I'm glad they came to visit.

Dawn said...

What a great time - they're right, it's been VERY cold and crisp - will warm up again by this week-end into the 50s. Crazy place.

Susan Skitt said...

Wonderful time together! How cool that you went biking too - staying active is so important. What a good example you are to your nieces!

BTW - did the kids Bible make it to you okay? Just wondering :)