Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Writing again.

There are a lot of things I could write about. But I think it would probably be R-rated. So I better stick to G. Yes that's G for grandma.

But truly, we have experienced a wonderful answer to prayer over here and Mozart just got a little extra work, which we needed. And life with 2 young adult sons can keep you on your toes. Not to mention on one end of the vacuum cleaner.

Karen--thank you for your kind comment. It has kept me going.

(continued from previous post)

It was a lot easier on me to have Kathryn next door. Of course none of my friends could understand how having a mother-in-law next door was easy, but with 2 pre-school age boys one can feel pent up.

“Let’s go over and visit grandma,” I would say. Grandma was always glad to see us.

It’s nice when someone is always glad to see you.

And one bonus was that I could brag about the boys forever, and she would never get tired of it. That’s just something you can’t do with your friends. Grandma never thought I had a big head—because she had a big head.

We took them to all the doctor appointments. That was not easy as grandma insisted on going in her own car which she never drove. She always said she would get back to driving one day, but in the meantime I should drive.

So I had to take the 2 car seats out of my own car and put them in hers. Then there was the wheelchair in the trunk, for grandma. We had a lot of fun trying to get into the elevators before the doors shut. But usually some kind soul would hold the door open. Most of the people at the doctor's office were old and they looked at my children with tender eyes. It made me feel good to see them smile at my boys with their bananas and books.


Dawn said...

She sounds like a real character.

Switching car seats is such a pain!

Glad you are putting down some good memories.

Glad for more work for Mozart - curious about the R rating!

Karen said...

I can totally relate to your vacuum cleaner comment...and it seems my dishwasher runs 24 hours a day sometimes...

Your MIL sounds like a sweetie with her grandkids...

I am enjoying reading your story....