Sunday, August 14, 2011

Memories under the Myrtle Tree

Under the Crepe Myrtle trees with smiles and tears we honored the life of Larry Winans.
His great-grandchildren posted a sign for us to remember his love for growing things.
Friends and family gathered in his backyard. Larry started his life here, in this small cozy home, at 10 days old. My father (above right) remembers playing in this back yard with his first cousin, Larry, when they were children.
Elsie, Larry's mother, sits in the white chair listening. She is 98 or is she 99 now? She is in good health.
Larry's son Bruce stands near his 2 youngest sons. Little Josh opened the afternoon by reading the 23rd Psalm. His young confident voice stilled our hearts.

The Mayor of Maywood said a word. He and Larry struck up a friendship when the homes on this neighborhood street were (and still are) endangered of being torn down to build a school. Many homes have been leveled on the street. Due to Larry's efforts, his own home and the house next door still bravely stand among the ruins. (mayor is pictured in 5th pic posted--in white shirt on left)

Below are pictures, lovingly posted by Larry's children.
We were treated to a heartwarming slide show of Larry's life put together by his daughter-in-law, Marian.
Friends stop and reflect.
I'm happy to get re-acquainted with cousins, Dana and Julie. Our grandfathers Merrill and Clarence were brothers. I was also able to meet Jessica, Larry's special lady friend.

Larry's passion and work involved design and preservation.

Many old homes thrived under his care. His son, Bruce and son-in-law Marlin often worked together on projects.
One of the most memorable projects was being a part of the restoration of Angels Flight a funicular railway originally built in 1901.
View of Angels Flight in the Bunker Hill district of Downtown Los Angeles (above)
Above, is an award for their commitment and effort.
Pictured: Marlin and Bruce

Larry at work.

Later in the afternoon my younger son took my camera and snapped these:
An old drill press, probably belonging to Larry's father.

Succulents tucked into old wooden shelves.

A purple chrysanthemum in a pot.
So lovely. Surely...crafted by the hand of God.
Next to the house is a huge plumeria that was given to Larry's parents as a wedding gift in 1930. Marlin gave me a cutting.
At home, my oldest son, planted it for me in our yard. A gentle reminder of Larry.
Flowers are still hanging on the vine, smelling sweet.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Sharon. Ken and I wish it had been easier to be there. Glad to know that Larry was so well loved and remembered on Saturday. Our prayers go to Elsie and his family. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Skommesa said...

What a beautiful tribute to Larry and those who love him. Well done Sharon.

Dawn said...

It looks like a lovely day remembering a special man. I looked at his mother and thought of how hard it must be for someone so old to lose a child while still being strong herself.

The plumeria is so beautiful.

Re your comment about the beach - the water stays pretty cold up there all summer long. The temp went from the 90s to the 70s the second day, and then evened out into the 80s for the rest of the time. It was nice, and we were so thankful the horrendous heat and humidity went away for us!

Melissa Winans said...

Sharon~You did a fabulous job reflecting back onto Poppa's Memorial Service & his life. Glad you all joined us!
♥ Melissa Winans~1st granddaughter of Larry Winans♥

Karen said...

What a touching tribute! The memorial service sounded very is always so healing to share precious memories...

Marg said...

What a wonderful tribute to a special friend. I love how you cherished the history and showed pictures of what his life was about. He was obviously a man with passion.

Thanks for your comments on the sheaves...I've been singing that song for awhile...Bringing in the sheaves...and it's cute how you also remembered it. I will be using that photo once again for Thanksgiving with the same song...