Sunday, January 29, 2012

Posts that will be Coming Soon

(1) The Pheasant Hat Post

(2) Florida--from an angle seldom seen.


Dawn said...

Wow, I can't wait to know more about the pheasant hat - I could not figure out what that could be on your head! Have you been to Florida of late??

I'm glad you got a good laugh out of Dwight handing me the money. I can tell you I struggled for days and days about that situation - he mentioned taking it back once, but I didn't know if it would hurt his feelings if I gave up trying. Finally, I was just a basket case one morning, crying over the stupid thing - he took it in, fearing that it was too late. But they found it on the computer still, and he got it all back - he spent WAY too much on me! But I will sure have fun figuring out what I want for Christmas. I'm thinking of a Kindle, but just don't know if I will regret that as well. I don't want new clothes until I get this stupid weight off again. Ugh.

Thanks for praying for Kev - he got home just fine - it was much worse in Maine than in Mass, and the roads were really fine all the way. Angie was quite stressed after her day of driving - they didn't have that kind of storms in Kenya - and not even here, really!

I posted all of the pix from the photo shoot yesterday on FB - and will soon on my blog. They all looked adorable, and this young woman did a great job - she bonded with the kids immediately. Quite fun to watch - from a distance. She made us go in and watch out a window.

Have a great week!

Susan Skitt said...

Loved this - what a precious story and romantic too - catching up a bit here! So busy with my 10-year-old and his travel soccer! And what a great idea about a tea party with hats! Love it! Also loved your spur of the moment trip to spend time with your parents - what a blessing!!!