Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two Mother's Days

Happy Mother's Day to all. These pictures were taken on my birthday which falls a couple of weeks before Mother's Day. Mozart and my younger son joined me on a short hike. About 20 minutes down the trail is this little brook.

And today, I'm having a great Mother's Day. My youngest took me to lunch at the Los Angeles County Arboretum. Afterwards we explored the trails. We even did some exploring "off trail" and found a secret place...a sort of partial island jetting out into the lake. The Arboretum was crowded with families, but we were alone on our island. DP named it "Ducklund", because we surprised a group of ducks who were resting on the island. Oh I should have pictures of this. But I'm not that organized today. No downloading's Mother's Day and I'm relaxing!
I hope you all had a nice day.