Saturday, February 9, 2013

On the Edge of Heaven

Old rickety chairs
Like little tin soldiers, lined up in a perfect row
Lifted out of a busy day
Dropped onto a hillside somewhere between heaven and earth

For a brief time – I sit on the threshold of two worlds
The thin line between life and death
And although it’s uncomfortable, I find beauty there
On the edge of Heaven

Sometimes I like memorial services
The quiet
The peace
And thinking about life

What’s important
What’s not
Honoring a person
Focusing on good
Seeing old friends

Andrew Pappas lived 96 years
Ninety-Six years with his Savior
And now he is with Him forever

I put a rose on his casket and know he is not there
I look up and whisper good-bye
On the edge of Heaven


Willow said...

I'm sure your friend was pleased with his send off to heaven.

Karen said...

How beautiful and poetic...sorry for your loss...

Susan Skitt said...

Beautiful tribute!