Tuesday, December 31, 2013

House Hunting in Prescott

Here we are in Prescott looking for houses.  You would think that after looking at about 40 houses with one tired realtor we would have found "home" by now. But we're still looking.

This house above is too close to a busy two lane highway.

Now below is another home. Check out the 1600 square foot master.

I don't think I need this much space to sleep. It takes up most of the house.
Check out the tub.
Here is another house--Santa Fe style. It had a big horse barn out back.
The houses in this neighborhood are built into the rocks. Pretty cool. But the house is too small and no room for Mozart's studio.
Now here is some room! This looks like an airplane hangar. Could Mozart build into this RV garage?
Nice property but do we want 3 levels?
What a beautiful view, but could I negotiate the driveway curving on a cliff when I'm 75? It does snow here, which means ice.
This house is a little small.
What a beautiful house, and it even has a guest house--a separate little house for Mozart's writing and recording studio.
But it was 30 minutes from the market and too expensive.
Mozart measured it anyway, because one never knows... That's a loft upstairs, but the only way to get there is via a ladder.
We're getting a little crazy. I must have told Mozart I wanted to see a few more houses today.
Maybe we can clear our heads at Watson Lake.
 or drive over to Goldwater Lake

or Lynx Lake

Here is a peaceful spot to walk near a church.

We will be visiting again very soon and I know we will find the house. I can feel it in my bones. Escrow closes on our current house in mid-January.

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Willow said...

I confess that I love looking at houses for sale whether I am intending to purchase one or not. And what a wonderful bunch of options in Prescott. A little tiny bit interested...