Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Don't Upset the Neighbors

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned I would introduce you to our new neighbors. So here they are...

I'll start by saying that when Mozart and I returned from an errand in town, We found our son sneaking around a Manzanita bush with his camera.

“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Taking a picture of a snake.”
I thought he was kidding.
“It’s in the bushes—do you want to see it?
He wasn’t kidding.

“I held him.”
 “You what?”
“It’s a gopher snake. I picked him up. Then when I put him down he went for the bush.”

Sure enough, he had crawled into a bush—then upwards. He threaded himself through some branches and looked quite relaxed now that he was suspended 4 feet off the ground.

Last night we had a family of Javelinas grazing behind our house. “They are just fine unless they feel cornered,” a neighbor told us. "You don't want to upset them."

We have also met our Italian neighbors, Michellina and Orego, who live next door. Michellina shoos Javelinas away with her broom. "Sometimes they just stara at me like I'm crazy." And once she had a mountain lion lounging in her oak tree. She explained there are more animals in our area now, because of last year's forest fire several miles away.

The neighbor on the other side of us builds race cars. Six are in his garage. Mozart and I were glad about his occupation—as we had worried they might be bothered by our motorcycle noise.  
Trying to kick start my bike--about to give up.
 “Oh don’t even worry about it,” said his wife, rolling her eyes.

And last weekend I met the neighbors across the street. Susie and her husband have just finished building a small art studio. They had an open house including a pillow buying party. Michellina and I decided to go together.

On the afternoon of the party I walked through the trees to Michellina's house carrying a basket of homemade chocolate chip cookies for Susie.  I felt like little Red Riding Hood stepping through the woods hoping the big bad
Javelina didn't show up. 

The art studio had a beautiful window with a bird feeder outside, and we paused to watch assorted sparrows and blue birds enjoy a snack.

Their main house sits on a hill and I have often stared at it from our house across the street--a little jealous that they have a great view of the sunsets. When I mentioned this too them they said it was so hot up there with the afternoon sun, that they were jealous of our house sitting down in the trees.
Our house in the trees
It’s not easy getting to know the neighbors when you live 2 acres apart. But once you meet them, you realize how nice it is to know them!  



Anonymous said...

So glad you're enjoying life in Arizona. You are truly missed here in calif.

Willow said...

A snake visited us this week too. But since we weren't sure it wasn't a rattler, we killed it. Because it was very close to our house and lounging under the mail box we share with our very elderly neighbor, we decided not to take a chance.

Your new habitat is fascinating, to say the least.

Rich Deem said...

Could you send me your new email address? The old one bounced.