Sunday, February 8, 2015

Meet the New Neieieigh--bor

A Horse is a horse....  Of course?  OF COURSE!!!

I never expected a horse to be staring at us over the back fence. Where did it come from? The property behind us doesn't have a barn.

"I hope he doesn't make noise," said Mozart, who is always concerned about anything that might bring odd sounds into his compositions.

"He looks like a quiet horse." I said gathering a couple of small carrots.

Sensi, our dog is enclosed in a smaller yard, and I swung open the gate and we walked (Sensi ran) down to see "Mr. Ed". That's his name until I find out otherwise.

  Mr. Ed was curious about Sensi and they touched noses. Suddenly Sensi wanted to play and jumped up on the fence, then she ran down the length of the fence. Mr. Ed caught the spirit and ran the fence with Sensi.
When things calmed down, I gave the horse the carrots. He took them gingerly off my hands with his lips. (Yes, I know to be careful about teeth).

Then we went back up to the house. Mr. Ed stood and watched us until we disappeared into the house. Mozart appeared. "How did it go?"

"Real well. He's a very polite horse."

Suddenly we heard a large screeching "NEEEEIIIIIGH!!"  And the another "NEEEIIGH!!"  Mr. Ed stood facing our house. "NEEEEIIIIIGH!"

Mozart rolled his eyes, and walked back into his office.

All I can say is...A horse is a horse of course!

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Willow said...

You obviously are loving living in Arizona!