Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sizzling Hot

Hey...thanks for those funny captions on the previous post about Miss Maggie. They brightened my day! You, friends, are creative! I'm not good at thinking of captions.

It has been so hot here the last few days. Yesterday the power went out for most of the day. Today we have had some surges, but basically the power has stayed on. Today it was 112 degrees. Our voltage is very low right now, so I must get off soon. It's in the 90's at night. Whew! We've been going without the air conditioner most of the time. (to save money, and to save voltage).'s time to remember that there are others in the world with worse situations.

At least we have water! I've re-discovered the joy of playing in the sprinklers. How it happened was...tonight I went out to the front yard to turn off the sprinklers and some of the spray hit me. It felt glorious. So I ventured out on to the lawn and stood in the middle of the tall wet blades. (Our lawn needs mowing) The sprinklers sprayed water every which way. Every few seconds delightfully cool drops showered over my head, and clothing. Oh the simple joys!


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

You're being modest about the captions my friend. You're an excellent writer!

Anyhow, great way to beat the heat. Ah the simple joys...

Becky Wolfe said...

WOW - that is hot!! Blah! We've finally got some cooler temperatures. Still hot but not scorching like you've got it now.
Like you, when we had it hot & I accidentally got hit by the sprinkler, I just stood there & let it sprinkle me while I ran around & giggled like I was 5!

Check out my blog for a new pic that I KNOW you will love :)

The Gatekeeper said...

Come on over, my friend. It's 117 in the shade and the pool temp is marvellous!! You can also jump in Diamond Head Lake which the Lord has placed down the dusty road to our left.

Dawn said...

Running through the sprinklers is my grandkids' favorite thing to do - it is a great way to cool off. I shouldn't tell you that we've actually had to have covers the last couple of nights! But it does heat up during the day.

Thanks for your comment on my job saga story - Part 3 is up!

JAM said...

Sounds like fun. Our girls used to love to play in the sprinklers when we would water the grass. They acted like it was the height of decadence, as if they were doing something forbidden.

Sorry about the heat. Sounds like when I lived in the Dallas area. I worked a 11pm to 730am shift and it would still be 97-98 degrees at 1045pm on the way to work. Miserable. One night it was still over 100 when I got to work. I liked Dallas, but I don't miss that.