Thursday, December 20, 2007

Journey Into the Unknown

Our son left home in a swirl of anger this morning. His father helped him pack.

I knew things were coming to a head, but I hoped we could make it until Christmas. I wonder if he will come home on Christmas. He might. He has no money and the clutch is about to go in his car. That was his Christmas present. A clutch.

This has been a painful week or two, as things were escalating. Now...I almost feel a sense of peace. Maybe he will learn something out there. Maybe it will change him in some way.

This morning (before any of this happened) I prayed over each room of our home. Then the day unfolded, and the result is out of my control. God's permissive will—that's where we're at. Maybe that's why I have a peace. This is the path God wants us to walk. There is no going to the left or right, or backwards. We plod forward into the unknown.

Part of the reason I stopped blogging for awhile is because I didn't want all my posts to be about dealing with my son. But if I'm going to start up again, It will probably be about him. He is always on my mind.

Maybe it will help someone out that is going through a tough time with their son. My good blogging buddy Diane, calls sons like this "Miracles in Progress". Maybe there should be a MIP club. We can support each other! Diane's blog is "Partners In Prayer for our Prodigals."

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! (I might be back here before Christmas!)


Dawn said...

At peace is a good place to be - resigned to God's will is the best place to be. It is not over yet!

Janey Loree said...

I pray from the bottom of my heart for a Merry Christmas for you and your men!!!

Anonymous said...

Sharon Lynne:
I am praying right along with you. The peace you feel is given by God, his sign that he is there; is what I truly believe. Feel free to email me at anytime if you just want to let things out.

In prayer and with many blessings,