Saturday, March 15, 2008

Special Weekend

I was so fortunate to be able to go to the beach twice last weekend. Once with my friend Lynn and back down again the next day to see my brother who was visiting my parents. He lives in Colorado.

We decided to set out for some family tennis. This was mom's first time out on her new knee. She had a knee replacement on January 14th. My dad has also had a knee replacement.

My brother and me
Mom, my brother and dad

When we got back, a friend of my dad's brought over his radio car. While the men played, mom and I took a drive.

We ended up at the beach. Mom rested in the car while I followed the path down to the tide pools.

Click on the picture, you can see the Pelicans perched on the rock!

It was nice to breathe some prayers, and to walk around on the rocks.
...Things are still rough with my son. It will be a long journey. But I remind myself that the Shepherd has a rod and a staff. I pray he will guide my son out of danger.


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What fun that you all play tennis together! And those beach pictures are awesome :) Amen that our Shepherd has a rod and staff. That's a comforting fact!

Colleen said...

Hello. Popped in from Susan's blog. Love y.our photos of the sea..

Vanessa said...

Kudos to your mom for getting out there on that new knee!

I'm back in Blogland. :-)


Dawn said...

Love love the pix - especially the last one!

I can't believe your momd is playing tennis on her new knee!

Keep looking up!

Dawn said...

PS - so when are you coming to Colorado to visit your brother - and me???

Sharon Lynne said...

How 'bout tomorrow!!

Vanessa said...

It's so good to hear from you too! :-)

I came back here to check how you got to the boys page. I clicked on my name here and it brought up my profile that has 4 blogs listed on it: the one you got to (the boys), NB, my cooking blog (Brownie Lady), and pictures of my new area (Welcome to Williamsburg).

Was only the boys one listed when you checked it?

Just in case...(hope this helps!)

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