Monday, March 9, 2009

God's Gifts

My favorite place to walk is the Arboretum. Last Sunday I took a walk at the end of the day. I try to carve out some time on Sunday to do something fun. Many times, its simply working in the yard. Other times, it's talking a walk with a friend. But on this day, I could not find a companion, so I took God and my camera. Note: for some reason my "notes" around the pictures are split...with part of the note on the side of the my captions are broken up and don't make sense(sigh).

I thought of blogging friends. I wanted to show you how beautiful Southern California is at this time of year.

I know many of you live in beautiful places also.

On the north end is the Australian section. All the trees are natives from "down under".

Bright yellow and red Aloe Vera

Those Orange Aloe Vera plants (3 pictures above) are about 8 feet tall!

This One-hundred twenty-five acres of beautiful land lies in the center of city and suburban life.

I'm lucky to have such a beautiful place to come to. One day I brought an older woman friend, (Mrs. L) to the Arboretum. She can't walk very far, which posed a problem.

I really wanted to show her everything. I thought we could take the sight-seeing tram, a long skinny open air bus that departs every hour. But it was out being serviced. After additional inquiry...and using some of our female charm...a golf-cart type open air vehicle pulled up and a young man invited us on board.

Mrs. L and I received a free tour of the entire arboretum via the golf cart. And because the driver was young, we found our hair flying in every direction. He was very knowledgeable about the trees, plants, the history and geology of the land. He stopped many times to point out details. What a ride!

Home Life

Oldest son C has been surviving at home. So far so good.
When I got home from work today, Mozart called me over.
"I wanted to tell you something. Last night C and I laughed together over something on tv."

That was a gift.

I'm becoming increasingly aware (and looking for) the good things in a day. I take strength from them. Life is tough and challenging for most of us. But there is beauty, and there is encouragement if you look. God is there. And He will never leave us or forsake us.


Willow said...

Good news about Son #1!

Love the arboreteum pictures!

ktwalden said...

The pictures are great! I never knew that aloe grew that large! Not much color going on in Georgia right now, but the pear trees have started blooming in some places...

That is good news about your son. I read a post yesterday about the "Power of a Moment" and I think that describes it well....

Dawn said...

So beautiful! I would love to have taken the walk with you. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks for catching up over at my place.
Kev has a couple of job possibilities today - nothing glamorous in the least. He just doesn't care what it is any more - in fact, he has an interview today for something that he used to look down on - thank you, Lord.

I am so happy that C and his dad had a good laugh together. Nothing like laughing together!

ktwalden said...

Sharon, when you have a chance, please visit my blog for a Friendship award I would like to pass on to you.



Susan Skitt said...

If I ever get out to CA again, let's take a walk there together. Beautiful!

I'm glad to hear about your son. A step forward, Amen?

Looking for the good in the day is like looking into the face of God and seeing Him smile. Great encouragement.

Much love,

Marg said...

I loved your beautiful pictures. Where is it that you live?
We've had nothing but snow and frost and it's time to warm up and enjoy some spring.
Keep smiling..and laughing...
Thanks for keeping us posted about Son C.

Dawn said...

Here's hoping everything's okay!