Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Greetings

You almost went on a beautiful walk with me through the Arboretum. What I mean is...I have just spent an hour putting up a post, only to lose it all. The first picture was of an 8 foot Aloe Vera plant. Well...check back and hopefully I'll get it up in a few days.

The Arboretum is place where I love to walk. The Aloe Vera garden is blooming, and I want to take you there. Spring comes early to Southern California, and there is a lot of color along the pathways.

I hope to be back soon with my pictures.

Things are going okay with my oldest son, today. One day at a time.

My youngest son just had his 18th birthday. I'll post a picture of that soon.

I cleared some weeds in my garden today. Oh so many weeds! Some of them are growing underneath our motorcycle trailer and there is no way I'm weeding underneath it. I typed into google "natural weed killer" and came up with a vinegar solution. (vinegar,salt,dishsoap). I sprayed it on the weeds. We'll see what happens.

Later today, I sat outside for a little while, in my chaise lounge and sun hat and read the Bible. I'm trying to stay in the Word. I was tempted to put the house in order instead, but I am learning I MUST stay in the Word if I want to be strong enough to walk the road I'm on.

I love the longer days. I'm so glad its staying light longer now!

Have a good week!


Willow said...

Looking forward to the arboretum photos--I'm wondering which one.

Willow said...

Oh, if the weed killer works, please post the recipe!

Dawn said...

How frustrating it is to have worked so hard on something and have it disappear. I'll look forward to seeing the pix at some later time.

Glad things are smooth for the day!

You have your priorities in order.

Dawn said...

Me again - I like the longer evening lightness, but don't like the darker morning!

Marg said...

Yes, the long evenings are beautiful but we just had a skiff of snow again and it's -7. Br...I won't be reading my Bible outside for awhile...How stick to the Word.

ktwalden said...

Can't wait to see the can be so aggravating when you lose a project that way! I know they will turn out even better the next time around.

Good for you on taking time to study and gather strength from the Word...the house will always be there to tend...