Saturday, April 3, 2010



I can't wait to see these bloom! It's almost more exciting to see them all wrapped up——folded so neatly by God's hand. What a surprise they will be.

I have another surprise...of the color yellow. The city decided to put a fire hydrant in front of our house. My lawn is all torn up.

On Easter, I am having dinner for 8...and have been preparing the house and the kitchen all day.

After wishing all of you a Happy Easter, I'm going outside to pick some lemons. I'm making my first lemon meringue pie.

May God's love touch you and your families as you focus on the wonderful gift He has given us...His son...and...because of his death and resurrection, we do not need to fear death...but we look forward to living with the ONE who rescued us from the darkness...who brings light into our lives...forever.



Glenda said...

Love your word picture of God's handiwork with the beautiful flowers, as well as your photo!

Lemon pie sounds oh-so delicious! It's one of our favorites for special occasions.

And I appreciate your Easter wishes for your readers. I, too, am thankful for God's great plan for our salvation. Happy Easter!

Marg said...

Let's trade lemons for Paska..Hoping that your occasion was festive and I could only imagine you giving Praise to God.

Dawn said...

There is definitely a yellow theme going on in this post! Making a lemon meringue pie from your own lemons - too great. I used to make them, but it's been years. But not with fresh juice.

I hope the city fixes your lawn!

Susan Skitt said...

Wow, love the yellow flowers. Now about that yellow fire thingy, wow!

Karen said...

The flowers are gorgeous...and a fresh lemon meringue pie sounds yummy!

Your yellow beacon for the neighborhood dogs is a "nice" gift from the city (or county)...

Hope you enjoyed a blessed Resurrection Day with your family and guests....

Dawn said...

I am anxiously awaiting the popping out of my first yellow daffodil! Maybe today -

The verses that have meant the most to me through this journey have also been sent to Kev - I think of him so much as I read them. You hit the nail on the head.

Glenda said...

It's me again! Just wanted to reply to your question on my blog! Yes, I took the photo - of my fourteen-year-old granddaughter, the only teenager of our four grands. All of the pics on my blog are mine - except for one very early post.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I would have loved a reply in haiku form!!