Monday, April 26, 2010


Meet my brother, Rick.

Me and Rick

He lives in Colorado on a horse ranch...along with his daughters, ages 16 and 19 and his wonderful wife.

I'm flying out for a 3 day visit this weekend. I emailed and asked if I should bring a heavy or light jacket. "Bring everything!" my 16-year-old niece wrote back. "It's snowing right now." Snowing? Oh...and it could get warm.

So I'm boarding the plane with a heavy jacket and a wide-brimmed sun hat.

This is what my brother and I used to look like.

So I'm leaving Mozart. But first, we will have a evening at Newport Beach.

He just finished working on a movie about the history of surfing in Newport Beach. It's premiering the night before I leave. It should be a lot of fun.

Yes it's quite an exciting week...with my work sandwiched in between.

Speaking of exciting...I took Letty to JC Penney so she could shop for some snappy new tops and when we returned to the car, there sat a $350 parking ticket.

We had forgotten to put up the handicap placard. We drove straight to City Hall to explain ourselves. We came up with some good ones like..."I'm 80 years old—and you expect me to remember everything??"

City Hall was closed until Monday. So today we drove up there, again.
Guess what. They lowered the ticket to $25.00. Hooray!

Thanks for visiting...and I'll be back to report on Colorado!


Glenda said...

Have a wonderful trip! Yay for lowered tickets!!

Willow said...

Enjoy your visit with your brother!

Dawn said...

Sure wish we could connect! But the weather had been so nuts - last week-end Care Bear's trip to Colorado Springs was cancelled because Monument Hill was so dangerous (just south of Castle Rock) Today is supposed to be in the 70s - tomorrow back to 48. Tiresome!!

Have a wonderful time!

Dawn said...

I wanted to send you an e-mail this morning, but my server seems to be down. Thought I'd let you know that, at least here in Loveland, it snowed a bit overnight and is coming down right now. YUCK!!

Susan Skitt said...

Oh my about the ticket - my mother-in-law has to use a handicap card now too.

I love reading your posts, so interesting and fun. Hope you're having a great trip visiting your brother's family!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as I recover. I've been getting a lot of good reading in - Borders is making out like a bandit with my purchases these days - they have a pretty good variety in Christian Fiction - lol!

Marg said...

YIKES that becomes an expensive shopping spree.
Enjoy your weekend. Tennis? Anytime.

Karen said... look so like your mom in that picture...

Does your brother play the guitar? Just asking with the way he is playing around with the tennis racket...

Have a great time!