Friday, June 4, 2010

The Day

Today was Writer's Critique Group. We read through 3 chapters of Sandee's novel, edited the first chapter of Muriel's book, combed through Debbie's proposal, and enjoyed Ruth's funny antedote. We had eleven in attendance, and here are some pictures taken by Deanne.

Yes, I look a little hamish being in both of them. (An accident of course)

Then I went to Letty's. We went to the beauty salon and while she was having her hair done, I met a 90 year old Hawaiian woman "Mary" who stepped out from under the hair dryer. She sat next to me while she waited for the "Dial-a-Ride". It turns out she knows Letty, and I ended up giving her my number, just in case she needed any extra help this summer. (I'm not working in Summer School and could use some extra hours.) Imagine...90! I would love to interview her. The stories she could tell!

Letty and I stopped at a produce place on the way home and bought strawberries and cherries. The cherries were 79 cents per pound! And three baskets of strawberries were $2.00!

After an intense scrabble game, where Letty beat me by 25 points, I went home. Then I remembered I was supposed to go to the bank. So I got back into my 100 degree car and went to the bank. Then I remembered I needed to drop the house payment at the post office.

I really should get more organized.

Letty is a great example for me. For instance. Here is a picture of her sock drawer.

Have a good weekend!


Dawn said...

Wow, that is some inexpensive fruit! I would love to have some really really good cherries and strawberries.

I know what you mean about commenting. When someone has a long post (like mine usually are), I have to open it in a different window and go back and forth in order to comment on everything I want to!

Susan Skitt said...

Letty is amazing - so organized. I could learn a lot from her! What an interesting time together. And your writers group - what fun! I've been missing going to mine the last few months since I am still recovering. I hope to get to at least one day of the conference in August, Lord willing.

Speaking of books, I have a great blog interview and the chance to win a grand prize for the Outdoor Adventurer!

My oldest graduates this week - I've been very busy with all the details for his grad party. What little energy I have has been focused on this event. I can hardly believe it - where does time go?

Praise God our times are in His hands!