Sunday, July 18, 2010

He Safely Leads Me

Mozart took this picture in April when we visited my parents to celebrate our April birthdays. The four of us rode down to the bay.

My dad and mom (ages 80 and 79) are leading the way, I am third, and Mozart is the caboose.

I rarely get Mozart on a non-motorized bike. This was fun!

It's nice to have parents.

And it's very nice that my summer school job has ended. I won't have to look forward to seeing these cute little rascals on Monday.

My dad turned 81 last week, and they decided to come up to our place to see their new grand-dog, Diamond. And to chat with my oldest son, who has recently moved home.

My son rarely lets me take his picture. Diamond has changed things.

There are some challenging days ahead, and I'm not sure how everything will work out. What an opportunity to trust God one day at a time!

When we arrived at the bay, with our bikes, I noticed a bridge stretching above the deep blue water. I turned my bike onto it and ventured slowly forward. I loved the feeling of riding safely above the water. I glanced at the view now and then, but I had to look ahead and stay in control. The bridge brought me safely to the other side. And God will bring me across and over the challenges I face. He will build a sturdy bridge and I must step forward with trust and faith...relying on him to keep me safe and dry.

And He will do the same for you...


Marg said...

Loved the analogy of the bridge and feeling safe, as you take one day at a time....Oh I can hear the mother's heart..
I will keep praying and you keep cycling.

Glenda said...

I really appreciate and take to heart your words of encouragement today. The analogy of the bridge -
in many cases "over troubled waters" - is comforting to me just now as my family faces a new challenge in the next few weeks and months. But with you, I believe that no challenge is too big for God! I like the song that says, "He's already in your tomorrows . . . "

How blessed you are to have healthy parents who are able to visit and be active!

God bless you as you deal with all the unknowns in your life!

Karen said...

Step by day at a time...crossing that bridge...wonders await on the other side....

Happy Belated birthday to your dad...and looks like Diamond is truly a jewel for your family....

Dawn said...

Love the analogy - look straight ahead!

So neat that your folks are able to ride bikes with you!

Becky Wolfe said...

Great pix to go with great thoughts. I love that your parents still ride bikes too. That's amazingly wonderful. Cute pic of your son and his new lil buddy! Praying for whatever is challenging you right now my friend!

Susan Skitt said...

Jesus is our bridge to life - both now and forever! Love the pics!