Thursday, September 2, 2010

Under the Weather

Diamond was spayed today. She's a little lethargic tonight, but doing well.

I'll be glad when she's back to normal.

Our oldest son and a neighbor will put in the fence.

(Above) We are preparing to put in an L-shaped fence in the back yard for her. She likes playing outside. And she likes to be inside, too. It's been hard having a dog without a fence. We also have people stopping by, including clients, and they may not appreciate her hearty welcome. She is going to be a big dog. (Oh my! The back yard looks so bad right now. We stopped watering it to conserve. And Diamond's "toys" are strewn here and there. Her favorite being an old plastic gallon milk jug.)

Looking in the opposite direction you can see the area where our company comes. I'm trying to keep the grass green. I'm looking forward to sprucing up this area.
This is how things used to look (below). Our yard certainly changes with the seasons.

You may be wondering how Snowball, our neighbor's cat (who lives with us) is doing. Diamond has been disciplined not to chase her. So now Snowball struts by right in front of her. Diamond sits and watches...and do I see a little grin on the cats face?

Snowball lounges on the steps while Diamond watches.

But it's pay back time, when we're not around. We've looked out the window more than once and caught sight of Diamond streaking across the yard and then staring in wonder as the cat sails over the wall.

Speaking of seasons, I'm back at work as an instructional aide in the Special Education classroom. I help Letty in the afternoons. And tomorrow is my writers critique group. I'm looking forward to it!


Glenda said...

Hope you have a great year with your students! It must be a rewarding job.

Love the pic of your kitty walking past the pretty flowers.

Have a great Labor Day!

Susan Skitt said...

Oh how cute about the dog - Diamond's learning little by little. It's back to a schedule for us too which now includes a full load of soccer. In addition my little guy is getting occupational therapy to help with handwriting and continues with speech for his auditory processing. When he was really little, I wasn't sure if he would ever be able to go to a regular school or play in a sport. I am so thankful for the resources God has given.

May God continue to guide you and bless you with your work as an aide in special education. Thank you for giving of yourself in this way! Have fun at writers group this season! Keep me posted on what you're up to with your writing when you're able. Also, could you give me that link to your friend's site again? My email inbox is a mess. Thanks!

Karen said...

Diamond is such a cutie...when my Muffin was spayed, we found an inflatable collar that seemed to work better for her that the stiff cone that the vet sent home with her...

Cats and dogs are so different...I love watching interactions between "friends"...

Dawn said...

Looks like you have "adopted" two pets. It's good that they get along so well.

Have a great year with your students. I have high regard for those who enjoy working with that particular population! It is a gift.

Marg said...

It's fun to see how people spruce up their hidden corners. Just like life...don't we all have those hidden corners.
Hope you enjoy your work once again. I have started a contract position at the hospital where I volunteered as Volunteer Coordinator for three years. They decided to pay me..
I did not decline. God knows perfect timing. I love it too.