Friday, March 18, 2011


My camera broke and it's no fun to post without pictures.

I feel like a part of me is missing. I can't express myself.

Okay, enough complaining. My heart and prayers have been in Japan and other places still reeling from calamities. And then there is Libya. I feel so fortunate for our peace. Here.

But we're not really at peace. So I pray for our country.

Spent the morning in court today.
My son almost had to pay $1092 for a forgotten traffic ticket.
But then it was changed to 110 hours of community labor.

My husband's friend stopped by tonight in between drum performances. He ate with us during intermission and showed us his pictures of a recent trip to the my favorite mountains....the Sierra Nevada. It took me away for a brief moment...snow clinging to trees, alpine lakes...

One thing I'm looking forward to is: My mother and I are going to go away for 2 nights together somewhere...when my birthday comes. (not for another month). Another thing I'm looking forward to is taking the train into Los Angeles. (This is a 20 minute trip.) Two friends and I will embark on this adventure in a few weeks. Nothing like exploring your own backyard! And I better have a camera by then!

Since I mentioned the Sierra Nevada, I dug up this picture of one of my favorite riding memories in the area. One day our family rode from Bishop to Lake Crowley. It was 60 miles of riding and a day I'll never forget. I loved it...because it wasn't hard riding. I could actually enjoy the scenery. No


Becky Wolfe said...

Sounds like a few adventures in store for you. That mountain photo is beautiful. I am SO missing the mountains while we are up in northern Alberta. Flat & trees. And still 4ft of snow that seems to be never going away. I am longing for the south!

Reading your previous post, I'm also SO struggling with trust right now. I have some desires that I want bad & God's timing is testing my puny faith & lack of patience.

Marg said...

I think I'm coming with you...those trails are reminders of some of my own biking trips up into the mountains. We need those trips.
Enjoy the time with you mom and I hope your camera will be up and running soon. It's a big part in who we are eh?

Karen said...

I always enjoy the pictures you share...

Glad things worked out for your son...

Have fun on your outings!

Dawn said...

Bummer - broken camera - not fun! I know what you mean about blogging and

I'm glad you have some adventures to look forward to. I'm sorry C didn't pay attention to his tickets - I hope he gets some community service that makes a difference to someone.

Lots of worry items, for sure. But then we're not supposed to worry, are we? Hmmm.