Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time for me and my bones

For those of us interested in bone health...this is a very interesting and informative article regarding the latest studies on bone, sent to me by my friend, Terry.

Recently I had a bone scan and I have osteopenia (which is preliminary to osteoporosis.)

Time for some more weight bearing exercise and eating the right foods. What about calcium supplements? This article explains the pros and cons.

If you're in a hurry, just skip down to the bottom of the article and read the wrap-up. But in general, it says that simply taking calcium supplements with vitamin D will not do the trick. And bone builders like Fosamax or Boniva may make bones more dense, but not flexible, which can result in fracture.

It's interesting that the bottom line is EAT RIGHT.

Eat those good fruits and vegetables that God gave us!

And MAKE SURE you are doing weight bearing exercise AT LEAST 3 times per week.

I have tried to exercise at home...but I'm just not disciplined enough to do this regularly. Especially with the interruptions and things that must be done. Maybe I will have to take a class. I hope to play tennis on Saturday mornings. (Oh dear...I'll have to sacrifice my only free morning.) (but it should be fun.)

In conclusion, I need to spend a little more time taking care of myself. I hope I can do it!

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Susan Skitt said...

I'll be praying you take that time to care for yourself. It's hard when so much else presses in on us as wives and moms :) Thanks for sharing.