Monday, September 19, 2011

Walking on Water

These people are almost walking on the water. Actually they're gliding on large surfboards and propelling themselves with a long paddle.
SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is the latest craze around here. And everywhere. The sport is an ancient form of surfing and has a Hawaiian heritage. Mozart just finished working on a film about the sport written and produced by Mike Waltze. Click on the move title: "That First Glide" and check out the first few seconds of this trailer. It's amazing how surfers can maneuver the board with the long paddle on large waves. Here is the movie's website for additonal info.

What's fun about the sport, is you don't have to be an expert to have fun.
It's just you and the deep blue sea.
And maybe a friend or two.
Back on the beach, things are a little crazy with the usual noise and oddities.

Like this house.

But it makes a fine view.
And here are the skim board boys. The other latest craze. I wish I had captured a picture of these guys skimming into the shorebreak and doing turns on the crest of the curl.

Later, Mozart and I went to a quieter spot. I was looking forward to some tidepool walking, but it was high tide.

It was nice to see Mozart sitting on a rock, rather than in his black swivel chair in front of the mixing console.
We needed a little time together. (Mozart took about 6 pictures of me, but I'll spare you.) I loved this rock, because it reminded me about how God keeps us safe in the "cleft of the rock".

Whether you're in the cleft of the rock, or sitting on a's a nice place to be.


Glenda said...

Love, love these pics . . . especially the one of you in the cleft of the rock. One of my fav hymns says: "He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock that shadows a dry, thirsty land ..."

Hope you have a great week!

Susan Skommesa said...

Fabulous blog Sharon. I was there. I could hear the ocean in that picture with the spray. Thanks for my break at the beach. :)

Susan Skitt said...

Hi Sharon! Love your pictures and that you and your hubby got some time together out and about! I especially liked your thought about the cleft of the Rock - our God is our safety! Amen!

And about that sport, now that is something I'd love to try. I love to kayak back here on the east coast :)

And that is so wonderful about your story in Chicken Soup - hurray! You are a wonderful writer. Keep writing!!!

The Gatekeeper said...

Hey great soundtrack. I think I can actually try this sport out. Mmmmm.

Dawn said...

Lovely pictures, Sharon!