Sunday, November 27, 2011


My youngest son joined me at church today, which was a blessing.

After church, he went to work, and I drove to the Arboretum. My brain is tired from the activity of the week, and this is a restful place where no one talks except the rustling leaves, and the occasional quacking duck.

I walked by this beautiful oak tree. What do you want to teach me? I asked. As I drew closer I noticed some branches were so heavy that they were laying on the ground. But they were still alive and healthy, because they were attached to the trunk.

"I am the vine and you are the branches."
I studied a branch—it looked heavy and tired, like I often feel. And it lay on the ground. But it wasn't dead, it was beautiful. A beautiful branch, worn by the wind and the weather, but not was still thriving. I felt as if God might be saying that although I was laying on the ground, not to worry. I would be fine.
I passed by beautiful red cascading leaves.
"He leads me beside the still waters." I found some palm leaves to put on the damp grass, and sat down to admire God's fall colors.
"He restores my soul."
Three ducks and a goose come for a visit.
Finally I had to leave, due to the fact I was hungry. So I went home, and feasted on leftover turkey.

But I will remember God's assurance, and peace in my heart all week.

And you have a wonderful week too, knowing God loves you.


Glenda said...

"God moments" like the ones you describe are so precious and give us encouragement to press on! What a beautiful place to worship - for that's what you did! Thanks for sharing!

Willow said...

Precious reminders and lovely photos...

Debby/Gtargirl said...


Dawn said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful place. It kind of looks like that oak tree should have had some pruning over the years - ironic, isn't it? But it was full of life lessons for you.