Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The "Fallish" Things We Do

Okay. Who says we don't have seasons in Southern California? Our neighborhood is turning colors. I love this time of year. We still have warm days, but the nights are cool.

Home life has been a bit "Fallish." I made potato soup the other day. I actually do not like to cook, so I'm proud of this. I decided to get organized and have all the ingredients ready. This recipe called for "baked" potatoes. I had to bake them and peel the skins off! And fry the bacon. My eldest son talked me into this. He has a new cell phone, and one of phone's talents is bringing up recipes. "Try making this mom!" I had to copy the instructions off his cell phone. The soup was good, but I'm about ready to hide his cell phone!

My younger son decided to drive to the beach to visit his grandparents. This was his first solo trip to their place. I found these pictures on the camera from the trip. Below is my father's giraffe. It took him months to build, and it stands on the landing. My dad is a retired engineer and my mother is patient. To the left of the giraffe is a wood sculpture my father fashioned.
"What did D. and you do?" I asked my mother.
She answered, "D. and your father went out and took pictures of clouds."
Here are samples.

A vase of Fall flowers sits in my mother's window. Notice the tennis ball. That's one of her many trophies. She still plays at tennis at 81.
And what am I doing? Well...after working at the school, I head on over to M.K.'s place to help her with a few things. The other day I walked in and heard music coming from the Living Room. I sat down, relaxed, and listened to her play, and she didn't even notice me. Until I clapped.
And she jumped.
I love the warm cozy feeling of her home. It looks a bit like Fall doesn't it?
Mozart has been composing up a storm. Music charts with little black notes, rests, and curly cues are strewn all over the place in his studio. He's working on some Celtic pieces. Tonight a guitarist is here doing some over-dubs.

Have a good week. Count your blessings!


Dawn said...

I'm glad I happened by today - lovely fall pictures - I was surprised.

So glad your son took that trip and spent time your folks.

Love the picture of the lady and her beautiful piano.

The potato soup sounds good!

Debby A. said...

Yeah, love the pics, the little commentaries and potato soup!

Susan Skitt said...

Lovely vision of fall in California! I honestly didn't know that the leaves would change like that there - wow! And the potato soup sounds yummy. I'm fighting bronchitis right now and ate chicken soup last night, but it was classic Progresso can style - lol! I have made broc./cheese soup in a blender from a recipe recently, a little frothy and thin but very tasty!