Saturday, February 25, 2012

Parents Found; Dog is Lost

I had a good feeling inside.

When you miss someone, it's a good feeling because you know you have someone special in your life. I missed my mom and dad. And then I thought "it's only 50 miles...just go and see them."

So I did. And we took a walk along the harbor, and happened upon these beautiful strawberries. (above)

We ambled along the pier.

and had lunch on the tip-end of it at Ruby's Diner.

Two friendly seagulls posed for me.

Just look at all that water.
I love looking at water.

Back at home, there are other nice things to see.
Our naval orange tree has been going full tilt. (yes, I'll tell you about the lost dog in a minute.)

The Bird of paradise has been blooming along the back fence.

Lillies line the driveway.

Lemons are waiting to be picked.

One of the boys has been clearing a spot for a herb garden.
Oh...that "bush" is the remainder of last year's 2 tomato plants. What a surprise that yellow flowers are setting once again.
Sharing these pictures with you reminds me of my many blessings.

As I look at the pictures, they have a way of shaving off the rough edges of the week.

Especially today when the dog went missing and she didn't have her collar & tags on. She belongs to my oldest son, and there is no word to describe the grief, after we looked for her for 2 hours and realized she just wasn't anywhere in the neighborhood. My oldest son fell apart. Diamond is his life.

I called my parents to pray. Mom said, "Call the Human Society and the Police." The police? I doubted they would be of help. I called the Humane Society. No one had turned her in.

I called the the police fully expecting to get brushed off, or laughed at.

"Uhm...our dog is missing, she's black and white with a diamond on her head." Silence. More Silence.

"Someone just called in with a dog fitting that description."

We were directed to the house, and there she was. She had crossed a major boulevard.

Dog is fine. Son is improving. Mozart has a stiff neck from driving 20 blocks looking left and right, and I'm going to bed. Good night and have a great week!


Glenda said...

I guess sometimes Mom knows best :) . . . so glad you found your dog and he was OK. I love all your blooms and lemons and oranges - and the beautiful pier. Looks like a sunshiny place where you live! Spring is poking her head out here . . . fruit trees are blooming and even the Easter lilies are bursting through the ground. I am so ready for spring!

Willow said...

Glad the dog is found. If you lose your parents, call the police :)