Thursday, July 25, 2013

When Paths Cross

When our paths cross with friends and family we are enriched and refreshed with new ideas and perspectives. Last April I was able to go to Colorado to visit my brother and family. And in July, my brother came here and brought one niece. I would have preferred two nieces, but the older one was on her own exciting path to Denmark.

 My niece, my youngest son, and my mother and I spent a wonderful day on the coast, walking along a path that threads along the bluffs north of Laguna Beach.

We stopped for lunch at the Shake Shack on the hill.  This is one of my favorite spots to sit and watch waves, and people. Dustin photographed his lunch.

It was a little breezy.

At the end of the day, we went out to dinner for delicious Mexican food.

Back at home, Mozart is having a "geek day" as they call it. His friend is visiting from San Jose and they are working on a new invention for audio.
The backyard is missing the dog house, but there is a new item. The barbecue pit.  Dustin brought it home from work and we've had 2 fires so far. We are burning dried pieces tree branch and dried palm tree bark. We really need to procure some real firewood.  But it's a lovely 30 minutes sitting out under the stars.
The orange tree is going crazy with buds. I can't figure out what's going on, except I do see a lot of bees. I thought it might be because I watered it. I rarely do. But since our weather has been so dry, I thought I'd give it a few drinks and POOF—blooms. But it's probably the bees.
Our neighbor across the street, Tom, has tried to plant a lawn several times over the years, only to have weeds grow up, or bugs or assorted disasters. Finally last week, he caved in and bought SOD. I went over and told him he had the best lawn on the street.  And then he gave me all his leftover sod. So now our lawn has extended a few feet into the back yard.  Mozart threw his back out trying to help me. He's better now, and is not so mad at the lawn.
Speaking of paths, our oldest son moved out with his friend and our family dog. (Actually it is his dog).  In this picture, they are on their way to the Cape Cod, MA.  Yep. That's a LONG drive. They made it in about 3 and a half days and only one speeding ticket.

So you would think things would be quiet around home with one son gone, and one mischievous pit bull gone.  But it's still pretty noisy. I've been helping Mozart in the music biz, subbing in summer school, and other assorted responsibilities. The day zooms by.

Next door I hear the laughter of children playing in the backyard sprinklers, and secretly wish I could join them. I miss those long summer days of childhood. But adulthood has its own excitements.

Yet before summer is over, I'm going to put on my suit and run through the sprinklers.


Karen said...

It looks as if you have enjoyed some good times this summer...the pics were great! I know you miss your son (and pooch) and hope his life there is going well...

Sprinklers on a hot summer day...oh, yes! To be a child again...

Willow said...

You've had a great summer reconnecting!