Sunday, August 25, 2013

Exploring Northern Arizona

Entering Sedona Arizona
 We are thinking of moving someday to Northern Arizona, and we took an exploratory trip. Here are some homes in Sedona. Could I live here?
 Sedona was beautiful. Yet a little touristy. Santa Fe style buildings are popular.
 We are up at the "airport lookout".  A good place to see the town.
 On another day, we visited the Prescott area. I'm hiking into Watson Lake.
 Stunning. But you've got to like rocks.
 I could get used Kayaking.
 Dustin is walking down Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott. This mining town began in the mid 1800's and has many original buildings, including old Victorian homes. Whiskey Row, however, has burned down several times, but many of the brick buildings survived.
 There are small lakes in and around Prescott.  I could get used to this. Bill, Dustin and a friend, relax on the dock at a lake.
Just a little sampling for you. I have lots of pictures, but told myself I could only spend 15 minutes on this post. This is quite exciting--entertaining the idea of moving out of Southern Cal. But a little nerve racking too!  We've always wanted to live out in the open spaces, and our Southern California neighborhood, although wonderful, is getting quite crowded. And of course, we want to slow down a little more and enjoy life.  We have these matters in prayer, and we will see what God has for us. Stay here? or Go there?


Willow said...

We too dream of moving. But we wonder if we will.
Have you visited Flagstaff? I love that town! We were there in June.

Sharon Lynne said...

Hi Willow-I enjoyed your post about your relaxing day at the beach and your drive home along the coast.

What I will miss most about moving, is the ocean. It will be about 6 hours away! But I will have a new kind of nature to love.

We did go up to Flagstaff because our son is almost finished with his GE and is looking for a school. Flagstaff is a little cold for us in the winter. We don't know if we want to deal with snow in our old age.

We are also wondering if we will do this. (I know how you feel) We are always way too careful to have any fun. (Ha Ha) However, we've been thinking about it for a few years, and are making small steps closer and closer to our dream and being sensitive to knowing God will make the ultimate decision.