Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Precious and Powerful

Three men, who worked in a Christian publishing office, were murdered several weeks ago. They were printing Bibles.

But their work goes on. There is spiritual hunger in the area. And even inspite of threats from radicals...and severe penalties for possessing a copy... people in this area willing to take a risk just to get a copy.

Recently a story came out of the area, A man "who, according to custom, took on the debts of his father after he died, but ended up being imprisoned himself after he lost his job and was unable to pay."

"As a Christian, he urged his wife to please hand copy pages of the New Testament to smuggle to him on her visits, explaining that he couldn't live without the Word of God. After some time, his wife, who was not a Christian, gave her life to Christ--explaining that the Truth touched her heart as she copied the pages!"

"Soon after the jailor called the man and said, "You are different. You help others. Even though you are strong you are humble. You obey the rules. You are peaceful. How can you be this way?" The man shared his faith, and the jailor asked to read the scriptures. After two months of quetions and study the jailor gave his heart to the Lord--soon intervening for this prisoner and getting him released."

The Bible is precious to these people.

And my Bible is sitting across the room on the table next to my bed. I haven't opened it today. I don't think I opened it yesterday either.

Although the Bible is precious to me, I definitely take it for granted.

Time to go read.


Becky Wolfe said...

how true it is! We probably have a dozen Bibles or portions of scripture here in our house, in boxes, in storage. How lucky we are to have unrestricted access to them when SO MANY others cannot even have a single verse! Thanks so much for this reminder to be thankful...and to pray for those who crave the Bible and cannot even be allowed to have one. And pray for those that smuggle them in.

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today - and thanks for this convicting post. How true it is!

God bless you for fighting the school district on that book.

The Gatekeeper said...

Ah yes, I'm reading through the Bible right now. I think I'm a couple of books behind. Or maybe that's a couple of years behind. Love ya girl. Great post.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Wonderful post. I think it's good for us as Christians in America to "get our head out of the sand". It's not comfortable, at least not for me at times, but it's so necessary. Thank you for sharing.

How precious the Word of God is and you're right, we do take it for granted many times. These fellow saints, they truly lay it all on the line.

In recent years I've been discovering a thirst for the Word of God I hadn't experienced before... I can't explain it exactly other than to say I feel energized and ready to face the day after reading Scripture, even if it's only a few verses. I suppose it's that "Living Water" that hydrates my soul...