Friday, January 18, 2008

A Letter in Your Mailbox

Good morning.

I'm sending you a good old-fashioned letter. Just the kind I would write if I mailed it to you...on flowery stationery with stickers on the back.

Dear Friends,

How are you? I must get over to your blogs soon. My computer is still in the shop. I'm trying to be patient about it.

My mother had a knee replacement on Monday. I'm driving down this weekend to help her out. She came home on Wednesday. She had so much food... (a kind soul brought it over)....that she (mom) decided to have some friends over for dinner. I can't believe she is entertaining--but I'm sure my dad will help her out.

My mother has been invited to go to Austria to represent the USA on a senior women's tennis team in June. So she has a lot of incentive to get well fast! She has a good attitude, however. What ever happens will happen. This will be her second time to go to Austria.

My husband has been busy the last couple of weeks. I'm so glad that his work has picked up, at least for two weeks. He's working on the music for a movie (I don't know the name of it yet). He is also working on the audio for an amusement park. And he is also composing a storm of music for some music libraries.

I'm enjoying my job, although it is a little hectic.

Regarding my oldest son, I've been able to hook up with a counselor at a very large church that offers a counseling ministry. My first session will be coming up soon. I'm not sure if this counselor will be the right one, but I will walk through every door that opens to me. God knows.....he knows I'm walking through doors. I am looking for his guidance.

My youngest son stayed up until 2:30 a.m. last night over at someone's home. He and a group of students are working on their Spanish final--it's a presentation in Spanish about a particular poet. Today is the presentation. My son struggles in Spanish. "I'll pray for you," I said.
"I think I need a miracle." he answered.

The weather has been gorgeous. It's about 45 in the morning, and then it heats up to 74. The sky is blue, and the air has been clean. The mountains look beautiful.

But today I'm driving to the see my mom.

I'm looking forward to it!

Take care and I will be over to your "blog homes" soon for a visit.




Becky Wolfe said...

Thanks for the letter my friend - don't worry, you haven't been missing anything on my blog these days. No energy or inspiration I guess! Just about in the second trimester & hoping this time of nausea & sickness is starting to peter off!

Hope to catch up with blogging soon as well!


Dawn said...

Lovely letter - the kind we used to get! Your mom must be really something. My former boss and his wife play tennis in the sernior ctegory. She's especially good.

Glad you have found a counselor - for you or for him?

Janey Loree said...

Thank you for the letter, Cousin! How wonderful that you get to go to the beach. Hope you got some quiet time for yourself and God...

Tell your mom that we will be praying for her, too!! What a wonderful incentive for getting better...Austria!!!

The prayers lifting up your family are nonstop!!!!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Love catching up with you my friend. And what a neat idea. You are so creative, a good old fashion letter is was!

Beach Girl said...

Thank you for the letter. :-)

As for doors to walk through, I'm walking through them with you, looking for the same guidance. And each step of the way, I'm hold your hand and lifting you up in prayer.