Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Do you set Goals?

A friend of mine called the other day and left a message on my machine. She wanted to touch base with me to see how I was doing. Had I made any New Year's resolutions? "Maybe we can exchange goals and pray for each other."

I hadn't really thought about making any new years resolutions. But her call made me think. Goals are good. And I should have them. Now It may happen that I will fall short of my goals, but that doesn't matter. At least I will have begun a journey to meet the goal(s)...and who knows where that will lead me?

Life has been so lifeless lately. I go to work, I come home and do all kinds of paperwork, and housework and errands that must be done. And while I work I worry about the antics of my oldest...and hammer out decisions with my husband on what to do in various situations involving him. This can't be all there is to life. But again, realistically, this IS life for most of us.

Since I may need to go back to work full-time, one of my goals is to take a Word and Excel class to sharpen my skills.

Another goal that comes to mind is: Be less anxious. I'm not sure how to accomplish this goal. There are two types of anxiety that I experience.
Emotional and Physical. For emotional, I need to make sure I'm in the Word. Perhaps get into a Bible Study, or simply get more organized with my reading. I also plan to seek out a counselor for some difficult issues at home. For physical, I need to make sure I get exercise, and perhaps take some time to physically relax (deep breathing?)

I'm still throwing ideas around in my head regarding additional goals. I actually enjoy this exercise, because it gives me a feeling of looking forward to the next year.

I should have a writing goal. I'm praying about that one.

I think that some goals should involve serving others...and not centering every goal around oneself. (still thinking this through)

How 'bout a FUN goal. Maybe I should take a tap dancing class!

Have you made any New Years resolutions?

Oldest son update: Has not gone out looking for a job. The car insurance will be running out soon.
Computer Update; My computer is still at the shop.


Becky Wolfe said...

I didn't really make any goals this year either. For several years I wanted to learn to kayak and last year I finally fulfilled that goal. Not sure if I will be able to sit my expanding body into the kayak this spring but we'll see!

Fun goals! That's a good one. Two winters ago a friend & I did a belly dancing class. It was a hoot! I'm not sure what fun goal I could try this year.

Mostly my goals are day by day - Lord, please make the nausea go away so I can get dressed today. The last couple days have been good.

Soon I will be counting down to feeling the baby move - something I'm excited for. I guess being pregnant sets small goals all the time!

Spiritually - I think there will be lots of growth in our household this year. So many changes occuring that I have been praying for and waiting patiently. God is so faithful and I just inwardly burst with joy as I see what I've always seen in my husband bursting forth in his soul one step, one day, at a time!

Yes, 2008 will be a great year!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Cousin CB! My goal is to make a conscious effort to complete each task as it presents itself, instead of putting it aside. Like you said...I may not reach my total goal, but I will have tried and therefore completed more tasks that I thought possible!!

You are in our prayers!!!