Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Compromise with Editor

The first Friday of every month our Writer's Critique Group meets. This is where we met 5 days ago.

About my pending article: After much thought, I decided to keep some of the publisher's edits...and suggested changes on other edits. She didn't like my title, so I gave her 4 other titles to choose from---and omitted her title suggestion. She ended up going with one of my title suggestions!

Her email back to me:

I've made the changes you suggested. I think this title will work: Off Road Riding with God (Learning to Trust) You may consider this piece on hold for use in (magazine name) sometime after Nov. 2008. A notification letter will be sent when an actual publication date is determined. Send the photos as e-mail attachments for now. I may have you send hard copies at a later date. At this time I'd just like to see what you have available.

I'm so happy that this worked out. Now I have to dig up some pictures!
(I'll let you know what magazine this is at a later date.)

Here we are. My Writer's Critique Group...with about 8 members missing. We never have full attendance...but there's always enough for a good critique! Debby, of Pieces of Me, took this picture. I am on the bottom right. Not a good hair or face day! As you can see we enjoy eating. We especially enjoyed the fresh strawberries and sweet breads!


Dawn said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to hear which mag it is.

Looks like a fun group -

Anxious to hear how this morning went.

The Gatekeeper said...

Oops, you mean the Gatekeeper took that picture. LOL.

Check out my blog at Yuwie. You have been published. Your devotional is helping so many people.