Thursday, February 5, 2009


Maggie wants you to know that its okay to have a bad hair day. She has them all the time.

I always enjoy the pictures of my dog-niece my sister-in-law sends. This is the latest.

Well...I don't have anything exciting to report---except that its pouring rain. Yesterday it was 80. The weather is full of surprises.

I can tell this is going to be a "random" post. (My younger son would call it that.) Everything is "random".

I quit the square dancing class. It just doesn't feel right without Mozart. However, I'm resuming my tennis. I had stopped playing because I strained my elbows when I held the hedge clippers over my head and clipped a giant bush.

My writers critique group meets tomorrow. As usual, I have nothing to bring for critique. Writer's block I suppose. However, I've been studying a website called You can self-publish a book for a minimal fee. But one must be pretty computer savy. For example, you must be proficient on Word. I have 2 children's books that have never been published. I'm thinking of trying LuLu...if I can get through the technical aspects.

My oldest son had a court date today. The court date relates to unpaid tickets. He hasn't been able to pay his tickets because he has trouble keeping a job. He also has forgotten to go to court dates in the past, so the whole thing is snow-balling (fees and community labor). I hope he remembered to go today.

They're talking about lay-offs at the school district where I work. I think my job is okay...but one never knows.

I'm enjoying my afternoon job with Mrs. L.

That's it for now!

I wish I had a picture of my yard. (camera's broke) The grass/weeds are so green and the lemons and oranges look bright. Nature and the outdoors keep my cheerful. Absolute beauty...and free of charge!


Willow said...

I heard today a rumor from 'someone' that my district is 'getting rid of' a bunch of teachers and 'all classes will have 30 students' next year. My how the rumors fly. Maybe that's true, but maybe not. I've also heard rumors of federal $$. I'll just trust The Lord and not worry. I'd prefer to have a job next year. God knows.

I'm hoping with you that Son #1 went...

Dawn said...

You know I love random posts - that's what mine mostly are these days.

I hope C went to court - it just keeps getting worse and worse - my es-SIL is testimony to that. He never goes and always has a warrant out. What a way to live!

Hope you have a job next year - it's scary times. Kev is looking for a job - hard at this time!

Marg said...

Did you say tennis? I'm in, but our courts are so wet, I can't think of it till June.
Hope you can keep your job.
Making a book or a photo album takes alot of computer savy....
Love your dog-niece
I'm taking an SLR photo class....Lots to learn. I thought it was for beginners.