Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Stuff

Every February our town has a Camellia Festival. There is a parade down main street. The floats are covered with Camellia petals. At the end of the parade route everyone enjoys a Carnival at the park.

Since most of my students attend the festival, I wrote them some math word problems, relating to the festival, for tomorrow's math class. I put their names into the problems. I'm looking forward to their reaction.

Today I read the story of Ruby Bridges to a first grade girl. She was so inspired, she wants to write Ms. Bridges a letter. Ruby was one of the first black children to attend a white school. The children's book handles the story well, and Ruby's faith in God and in prayer shines. It's a pleasure to read the book at school and allow the children to see her strength and her faith.

My fifth grade class is reading a story about Sarah Winnemucca. She was a Paiute Indian who learned to speak, read and write English. She spent her life speaking out about fairness and peace for the Paiutes. (I'm sure learning a lot at school!)

Oh...and we just finished a story about Deborah Sampson. She wanted to fight in the revolutionary war. She dressed like a male soldier...and they never discovered she was a woman. Well...eventually a doctor discovered it when she became ill. After the war she married and lead a fairly normal life. She became a public speaker and traveled all over the country sharing her experiences.

That's all for now...

Except I just walked outside to the end of the driveway to bring the trash cans in. I saw a neighbor out in his yard and thought. I don't have time to talk...I have to start dinner. But something slowed me down.

I waved. He turned off his edger and we shouted back and forth--as he lives across the street and 2 doors down. I noticed his girlfriend (who I don't know well). She has an illness and is in a wheel chair. She was sitting in his driveway watching him edge the lawn. Then as I turned, to go back down the driveway, I saw my daffodils. It seemed I should give her one. I picked 2 and broke off some lacy green foilage from a bush. I walked over and handed them to her.
"Oh thank you! Daffodils were my grandmother's favorite flower."

I felt good inside.

I think she did too.

I'm off to make dinner...bacon and tomato sandwiches...with split pea soup.


Willow said...

It sounds like you have had a good day, in spite of other things in your life. I'm glad you connected with your neighbor.

ktwalden said...

Sounds like you made that lady's day! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and smell the flowers...and then share them with someone.

Dawn said...

Those daffodils are doing their job for sure.

Those sound like good books you're reading at school.

The festival and parade look like fun - and in February, especially so.