Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poor...but Rich

Daffodils are blooming everywhere in Southern California, and along our driveway.

I begin with distressing news.
Our son left today. It didn't work out for him to live here. I pray God will watch over him. He only has $50.00. But most important, I pray that God will place some Christians in his life who will guide him.

Which brings me to the thought...Could I be standing next to someone tomorrow who needs guidance and help? As I pray for help for my son...I need to be aware of the Spirit's leading in my own be available to others—to be an answer to someone's prayer for their loved one.

How can I expect others to help my son, when I am not willing to help others?

I'm a little shy to "talk" too much about my I will get on to something else.
I went for 2 walks today. One with a friend, and later with my husband.

Do you know what my most precious possessions are? My relationships with family and friends. And with the economy how it is, its comforting to know that lack of money will not take these away. My mother is a great spiritual support to me. And a walk with a friend is worth a million bucks.

Speaking of relationships...we are truly rich. Because the Creator of the universe desires to have a relationship with us.

A few other things...

In one week, my youngest son will turn 18. He's having some friends over for a barbecue. We are in the middle of a series of rain storms, so I hope its clear on Saturday.

On this current weekend, I have three days of "no school". Since the weather is cold and wet, I stopped by the library, and thought I'd browse around. I came across the DVD's. Wow...a good idea for a rainy day. I came home with the movie Music and Lyrics as well as a PBS series on the Revolutionary war, and a DVD tap dancing lesson! If I can't square dance...I'll tap dance. (I used to tap dance in college.)

I made Mozart watch Music and Lyrics with me on Valentines Day. He wasn't expecting it to be very interesting....but he actually liked it. We both did! When Mozart and I first met, we wrote a few songs together. He did the music, and I did the it brought back some memories!

"Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.
They feast on the abundance of your house.
You give them drink from your river of delights.
For with you is the fountain of life;
in your light , we see light." Psalm36:7b - 9


Marg said...

Thank God for relationships. You hit it right on and keep praying that you will some day have a new relationship with your son.
I'm not sure how I could handle some of your situations.
I love PBS. I was just watching the Oliver Twist Story and your name came to my mind thinking I wanted to add it to my list...
And I came to my office and there you were...on my blog.
We have the sun shining for this week, so I hope to take a daily walk...usually with a friend..

ktwalden said...

I loved your reflections on the joy of knowing that love shared with our family and friends can not be taken away by this world.

The picture of the daffodils *sigh* make me long for spring. The trees and bushes are still bare here in Georgia, but I did see a few early blooms on a pear tree this past weekend! The fluctuating temps here the past few weeks have gotten some of them confused I think!

Marg said...

I know about that group. I used to be the leader of the Moms in Touch in our local school.
We're getting closer and closer...
It's so valuable.
Stay tuned.

Dawn said...

The daffodils look so cute - I love daffodils! They're such a hopeful flower. In fact, I likened myself to one in my latest post - ironic.

I trust C finds someone to aid him in his journey!

inspired said...

spring is in the air... :o]

Susan Skitt said...

I think your choice of Bible verses aptly describes your post. "Fountain of life". That's what Christ is to us and He gives us the ability to share in relationships and give to others. Great post my friend. I am continuing to pray for your son and I will specifically pray for God to move in his life and place Christians in his path to help.

Much love and prayers,

P.S. Those daffodils are so pretty, we'll have to wait a bit longer for them here in PA!