Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fires in Southern California

It looks like the first day of school is going to be a "smoke day" for many Southern California schools.

I'm beginning to become concerned that the fire is nearing Mt. Wilson (see previous post on Mt. Wilson historic telescopes). The fire burned across the road we drove up on and is heading (who knows where) depending on the wind. Twenty-two broadcast stations have communications towers on the top.

And then there are those who are losing their homes. How devastating for those people, yet they seem calm and say that their families are safe and that is the most important.

Our home is in front of the mountains on the flatlands. So all is well. But our church is up in the foothills, and inside, one could see a haze of smoke floating along the high ceiling.

Pray that they will get the fires under control. Our firefighters have their hands full as we have had four different fires raging in the last few days.

Above photo-courtesy of Los Angeles Times

Photo-courtesy of KTLA Sky 5


Willow said...

Thanks for your prayers for our fire fighters and those who are being evacuated. BTW, do YOU have an evacuation plan??

I loved seeing your great grandfather's Bible. What a precious treasure.

Marg said...

Thanks for sharing. I watch the news every night and wonder who it all effects and know I know...
We'll keep you in our prayers.
The firemen must get so exhausted.

Karen said...

Those brave firefighters will certainly be in my will all who are affected by this devastation...stay safe!