Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Mountains are on Fire

Wednesday Sept. 2 UPDATE
MT. WILSON MADE IT THROUGH and as the newspapers say "...is ready for another one hundred years of astronomy." But it was not without hard work. Here is a picture of back-fires being lit...in preparation for the real fire.

Below is how our mountains looked Tuesday, Sept. 1

Picture: AP

Tuesday, Sept. 1--
You are looking at the "station fire". It has burned 127,000 acres and in a matter of minutes it will approach the top of Mt. Wilson, where the historic observatory awaits its fate. Nearby, dozens of critical TV/radio antennas—a communication hub—for Los Angeles, are vulnerable. (see picture below)

Apparently, firemen wanted to go up there and prepare for the fire, but they were delayed due to certain "authorities" who wanted to wait for the "right time". They were finally deployed.

Los Angeles County Fire Chief Steve Martin said. “We are going to burn, cut, foam and gel. And if that doesn’t work, we’re going to pray. This place is worth a lot, but it’s not worth dying for. ”

In a worst-case scenario, firefighters will flee to the concrete and steel basement of the 105-year-old, 100-inch telescope observatory.

I took a bike ride at dusk and was relieved to only see smoke (no flames) around Mt. Wilson. But just before riding home I saw a flash of bright orange which looked like a tongue licking the side of ridge close the area of the antennas.

This is a picture I took a couple weeks ago when we were up at the top. Today they chain-sawed the area, so I doubt those trees are still there.

The good news is the fire is 22% contained. This is due to the cooler weather today. It was in the 90's instead of 100's.

Special thanks to "Dailymail" for their information.
If you want to see some great pictures---google "dailymail station fire pictures"

(The area where we live is safe.)


Willow said...

As I've read the stories about Mt Wilson being threatened I've thought of you and your recent visit to the observatory. I truly hope no building is burned up there. Trees will re grow but those precious telescopes need to be saved.

Marg said...

As I watched the evening news, I thought of you and Willow.
It feels so difficult for us when we cannot control the circumstances around us...
I'll keep praying for you and your fires.

Dawn said...

I am happy that you are safe, but sad for all those who have lost so much - and will yet. I kind of had to think that the guy who was quoted had it a bit backward - the prayer should be first!

We had fires all one summer and it made it feel so much hotter even this far away from them. It was a terrible summer. We have some of your smoke all the way over here.

Susan Skitt said...

Wow, what you have to contend with out there. I pray you will be safe.

Dawn said...

You're the only one who mentioned Care Bear's red shoes - Feisty has bright lime green. I found them at Wal Mart and could not resist. Care Bear said her teacher "couldn't keep her eyes off them" at school the next day. Cute!

I hope things are getting better out there!

Willow said...

Good news about Mt. Wilson! I can't imagine the loss if the observatory had burned.